Wedding make-up: 5 things a makeup artist won’t praise you for

Wedding make-up: 5 things a makeup artist won’t praise you for

We are confident that you will look perfect on your wedding day! Especially if you follow the advice of makeup artists and don’t make these mistakes.

Don’t epilate or wax your face before your wedding.

On the eve of the celebration, I really want to bring my look to perfection: pull out a couple of unnecessary hairs, improve the shape of the eyebrows. Makeup artists strongly recommend that all manipulations be carried out no later than a couple of weeks before the wedding. Sign up for salon treatments and in no case experiment with home treatments, especially if you have not done them yet.

Avoid provocative images.
Professional stylists and makeup artists warn: unusual, outrageous, defiant and too bright images of the bride are rarely appropriate. Even if your celebration is dedicated to the dandy movement, try to choose a hairstyle and make-up that will not catch the attention of guests and the groom, causing perplexed exclamations. Well, if a classic wedding awaits you, all the more it is better to stick to neutral shades in makeup and give preference to a laconic hairstyle.

Don’t be late for your appointment with your makeup artist.
It doesn’t matter what you agree on, whether the makeup artist comes to your place, or you visit the salon before the ceremony, something can definitely distract or delay you. As a result, there will be less time left for makeup and hair than planned, which means it will be more difficult to avoid mistakes and stay calm. In the morning of the wedding day, entrust the solution of all organizational issues to your wedding planner or someone close to you so that you do not have to waste precious time on this.

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Put your phone aside.
Another big mistake is not parting with your phone while your stylist is coloring you and styling your hair. Firstly, this way you will be constantly distracted, and the process of preparing for the wedding will be delayed. Secondly, the specialist will most likely ask you questions about what you like best, suggest choosing shades of eyeshadow or lipstick, ask you to evaluate the final look, and doing this during a phone call is extremely inconvenient. And thirdly, sitting on the phone when all the makeup artist’s attention is riveted on you is not too tactful. To be in time and prepare for the celebration, and to chat on the phone, leave yourself a little time after visiting the makeup artist.

Don’t change anything at the last minute.
At the makeup and hair rehearsal, you and your makeup artist have already settled on a look. Since this is already a proven option, it’s best to stick with it until the end. Of course, at the last moment you may want to add something to your image or radically change it, but it is unlikely that it will turn out as good as what you did at the rehearsal. So it’s better to stick to the plan and save all the emotion and fresh ideas for wedding vows or an original toast at dinner, for example.

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