Wedding hairstyles for short hair: 11 great ideas

Wedding hairstyles for short hair: 11 great ideas

Short haircuts have not gone out of fashion for a long time, and it is not surprising: hair is easy to wash, dry, style and comb. In addition, a short haircut adds childish tenderness, fragility and at the same time mischievous impudence to the girl’s appearance. And if you are afraid that short hair will set a certain tone for the wedding look and leave no room for experimentation, we hasten to reassure you: this is absolutely not the case. There are tons of stylish wedding styling options for short hair – here are 11 great ideas for inspiration!

Volumetric styling

Short hair, raised and styled, will complement the image of a stylish and confident bride. This hairstyle will look good not only with a dress, but also with a wedding suit.

Smooth hair

Smoothly combed hair will help create an elegant and sophisticated look, it will look perfect with minimalistic outfits and dresses of an unusual, shocking cut.

Asymmetrical hairstyle

Asymmetry on short hair looks very flirty and original, making the look fresh and informal.


Small curls or ripples are another way to style your hair in an unusual way. This hairstyle looks bold and daring.

Retro hairstyle

Large curls in a retro style, securely fixed with varnish, will make the image languid and romantic. A great hairstyle for a vintage dress and lace dress. This styling can be supplemented with a headband.

Greek hairstyle

Very light, romantic and delicate styling in the Greek style will look great both with flowing outfits made of fine fabrics and with lush dresses.

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Hair with barrette

An elegant hairpin is a great accessory for short hair. It gives the styling asymmetry, makes it more complex, interesting and complete.

Hairstyle with a diadem

A graceful diadem or crown looks very advantageous on short hair, turning the bride into a young princess. Ideal for any dress style.

Hairstyle with floral wreath

If you like romantic style and loose outfits, and you are planning to organize an open-air wedding, a delicate floral wreath can complement your hairstyle.

Hairstyle with veil

To create an aristocratic and sophisticated image of the bride, decorate short hair with a small hat with a veil.

Hairstyle with veil

If you still dream about a veil, it is best to combine it with a hairpin, tiara or crown and a long classic outfit.


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