Wedding hairstyle bun: from everyday options to evening styling

Wedding hairstyle bun: from everyday options to evening styling

The bridal bun is considered one of the most popular and sophisticated hairstyles. Wedding has collected stylish bun-based options to suit any look.

Low beam

The assembled hairstyle is not only a practical solution, but also a stylish alternative to loose curls. The first reason to choose this option is that your appearance will be flawless all day long. And the second: after the holiday, you can dissolve your hairstyle and get light curls that will make the wedding look even more romantic. But the main advantage of a neat low bun is that it does not distract attention from the bride’s dress and makeup. It is not for nothing that Meghan Markle, Hailey Bieber and Pippa Middleton chose this style for their wedding.

To repeat the hairstyle yourself, you can watch video tutorials or simply arm yourself with a photo of the option you like. You will need: an elastic band, hairpins or bobby pins for fixing hair, styling products, a roller to add volume to the hair. We will tell you how to make a wedding bun yourself in a few steps:

  • Part it straight or side.
  • Gather your hair into a low ponytail and comb it.
  • Use a fixing spray to style hair to hair.
  • Start curling the ponytail around the elastic, securing each bend with bobby pins or hairpins.
  • Finally, pull the strands out of the bunch slightly for more volume.
  • Fix everything with hairspray.

High beam

If high buns suit you, but you do not know how they will look in a wedding look, take inspiration from the examples of Hilary Duff and Kim Kardashian. Wedding hairstyles with a high bun can visually lengthen the face. And if you have a dress with open shoulders, a high bun will help to accentuate the graceful collarbones. Remember that the choice of wedding hairstyle depends a lot on the style of the dress. The best options are: a fluffy princess dress, a mermaid dress, airy chiffon or organza models.

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Unfortunately, making a high bun for short hair will not work. Even if you have a square, a few strands will still be knocked out. But for owners of medium and long hair, it will be easy to master this hairstyle. From your loose hair, make a smooth, high ponytail almost at the top of your head. Tie with a tight elastic band. If you like a bun like Hilary Duff, roll the tail onto a special roller and secure with hairpins. Then, using the sharp edge of a serrated comb, start pulling strands out of the bunch until you achieve the desired effect. For a smooth bun, you can skip the volume overlay and just wrap the strands around the tail, securing with invisibility and fixing means.

Smooth beam

If you are looking for hairstyles that will make your look aristocratic, opt for a sleek bun. Thanks to this styling, Nikki Hilton looked perfect on her wedding day, and the accent in the image fell on a lace veil and a feminine dress. For a perfectly smooth bun, wash your hair and straighten your hair with an iron. You can use oil or spray for extra smoothness. It is best if the bride has long hair. But with a medium length, perfect styling is also possible.

If you have a bob, you can experiment with chignons the same color as your hair. Texturizing sprays will help hide the difference. Pay attention to how the hair lies at the back of the head. The hairstyle should not rise when walking, and the strands should not be knocked out. Therefore, do not neglect the strong hold varnish and additional studs. By the way, a smooth bunch will be perfectly complemented by fresh flowers, scarves and minimalist jewelry.

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A bunch of curls

The hairstyle of curls is one of the most feminine and versatile. It will fit well with any look and will accentuate the neck and shoulders, even if you have chosen a bridal jumpsuit. In order to make a bunch of curls, curl the strands with a curling iron or curlers, having previously used a curl tool. Take your time brushing your hair and apply the fixing agent right after curling. Masters advise to let the curls cool down a little and only then spray the varnish. This will help the hair stick better.

Before picking up your hair, decide on the parting and the height of the bun. This option looks good at any level. The main thing is to learn how to lay out beautiful shapes from curls and firmly fix the hair. Use headbands, tiaras, combs, hairpins with beautiful weaving and crystals as jewelry.

Volumetric beam

A voluminous bun of hair is considered one of the most difficult hairstyles. This is exactly the option that suits modern brides who combine fashion trends and romantic motives in their image. The popularity of this hairstyle is easy to explain. With her hair gathered in a bun, the bride does not have to think about styling during the wedding, and she also harmonizes with both dresses and pantsuits.

If your hair is not thick enough, it is better to skip this option in favor of a smooth style or a bun of curls. Prepare in advance for the fact that the volumetric beam may not work the first time. The main challenge is to gently pull almost all of the strands out of the high bun without damaging your hair. A bun hairstyle can be done in two ways. First: first, comb the strands on the crown and back of the head, and then lay them in a lush bun using hairpins. Second, comb your hair into a ponytail, loosely tightening it with an elastic band, and then slowly pull the strands around the ponytail. Loose hair can be curled and formed into a beautiful bun.

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Weave bun

A bun hairstyle can be simple and gentle. For creative people who are ready to master complex (and not so) braids, a bun with a careless weave is suitable. This is one of the most popular wedding hairstyles in boho, rustic, botanical styles. Select a strand of loose hair and braid a braid or spikelet from it, take all the curls in a ponytail and straighten a few strands at the forehead. Lay the resulting tail in a voluminous low bun. Decorate your hair with accessories. It can be: a wreath, a laconic hairpin, flowers. And do not forget about the fixing spray to keep the hairstyle as long as possible.

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Text: Tatiana Veselova.

Photo: press materials.

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