Wedding groom look: haircut and hairstyle

Wedding groom look: haircut and hairstyle

One of the main moments of preparing the bride for the big day is a rehearsal of makeup, hair and manicure (often more than one). Of course, the groom also needs to look his best at his own wedding.

Grooms can prepare for the ceremony, rehearse their look and get their hair done in the salon Domenico Castellowhere men are just as frequent guests as the fair sex. Here, in a calm, relaxed environment, you can enjoy a cup of delicious coffee or a glass of prosecco while you get your hair cut, beard and manicure. And on the eve of the wedding day, it is useful to look into the beautician’s office for a refreshing facial massage.

If a guest wants to spend a little more time taking care of themselves than usual, it makes sense to choose the Sicilia Style procedure – this is a real shaving ritual with facial massage and aromatherapy.

To ennoble the color of gray hair, use the Refresh service – it allows you to “pull out” the yellow tint from gray hair and gives your hair shine and well-groomed appearance.

Well, for the most stylish haircut, go to the Roman Daniele Gori – this daredevil will choose the most fashionable and suitable haircut for you, which will perfectly fit into the wedding look.

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