Trends 2020: the most relevant haircuts, fashionable coloring and the best wedding hairstyles

Trends 2020: the most relevant haircuts, fashionable coloring and the best wedding hairstyles

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly affected all areas of our lives, including the beauty industry. The salons were closed for months, and then they struggled to cope with the influx of beauty-hungry clients, working from early morning until night. Have the clients’ requests changed over this period, what trends are current and should they be followed? Anzhelika Listova, master of the hairdressing salon KULTURA, told Wedding about this.

One of the main trends of recent times (especially after the pandemic) has become natural coloring, it can be “worn” for a long time and it will look great even six months or a year later. Very practical! The effect of the strands burnt out in the sun has not lost its relevance, but not in the cold, as in previous seasons, but, on the contrary, in a warm range. Both graphic haircuts and an even cut along the entire length and thick bangs are very popular. For those who want to express themselves, bright solutions such as colored strands, accents and block dyes are still in trend.

But for brides, I think this coloring is not suitable, since the fashion for something too colorful and eccentric quickly passes. Surely the girls would like their wedding image to remain relevant. And the main thing is that even after some time, when they will scroll through their photos or watch videos, the thought does not arise: “Why did I do these strands then !?” And then, such a bright hairstyle is very difficult to combine with a beautiful and delicate makeup. But this again concerns only the classic image of the bride, as we all perceive her.

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I would not advise brides to experiment with dyeing or haircuts before the wedding, much less do it on their own. Although I know from experience, on the eve of the main celebration in their life, girls like to go all out, apparently, they lose their nerves, stress and excitement affect. One day, before the wedding, my friend decided to do highlighting on her long and thick hair on her own. The argument “I have seen a hundred times how the master does it! Why can’t I cope … ”As a result, on the eve of the ceremony, she came to me from St. Petersburg to Moscow at night to correct the situation and the result of unsuccessful staining.

Both in evening and wedding styling today simplicity and ease are welcomed. Ideal for the bride – a light careless or, on the contrary, a smooth low bun or an elegant Hollywood wave. Your wedding dress will tell you which option to choose. If the hair is long, then I do not advise leaving it loose, because it will cover the beautiful decor of the outfit – it is better to put it in a bun. But hair that is shoulder length or higher will look great and loose, for example, with a light wave.

Author: Anastasia Kokovikhina.

Photo: Instagram.

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