The bride’s makeup bag: vegan makeup for the perfect wedding look

The bride’s makeup bag: vegan makeup for the perfect wedding look

Conscious consumption and ethical living is one of the most talked about topics this year. And if earlier the rejection of products that harm nature and animals was a niche story, now every second person speaks about the effect of cosmetics on the environment and health. And the wedding industry is no exception. More and more brides and makeup artists are choosing multi-functional cosmetics for vegans: cruelty-free, animal-free products.

With them, the make-up is translucent, fresh and unconstrained – it only emphasizes natural youth and beauty. A new generation of 100% natural antioxidant makeup Han Skincare Cosmetics – the key to the success of an ideal wedding beauty image. The brand has been approved by Peta and takes great pride in the purity of its formulations. The product formulas are based on nutritious and moisturizing shea butter, argan, acai fruit, superfruit, tea extracts and vitamins C and E. Pigments are also obtained from natural raw materials – plants, vegetables and fruits. And of course, there are no toxic chemical compounds, synthetic fragrances, parabens and dyes in the composition. As a result, natural and completely safe pigments and ingredients rich in antioxidants transform the skin not only on the outside, but also heal it from the inside out.

No time for extra care? Bet on the right cosmetics! All products are easy to use, do not dry the skin, smooth out without problems, are economical in use, generously give off colors and create the effect “I just got out of vacation” – what you need if you want to get all the best at once. Multifunctionality and versatile shades are another reason to fall in love with the brand’s products.

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For example, to create a laconic mono nude makeup, you only need Cheek & Lip Tint… The stick gives the most natural coverage and does magical things with the skin: in just a couple of touches it creates a baby face effect. Feel free to apply it on eyelids, cheeks and lips and amaze everyone with unearthly freshness, even if you slept for only a couple of hours the day before the ceremony. In such an image, the main thing is to decide what should be brighter: lips or eyes. The blush works well on the cheeks, as a refreshing eye shadow or light highlight for the cheekbones and collarbones. With a highlighter, you can place shimmering highlights on the eyelids, as well as blend in tone to simulate that very healthy, sleek glow of the skin coming from the inside. Don’t feel like bothering with choosing the right lipstick and blush? Just use lip gloss. For a summer wedding in nature or a honeymoon on the coast, there is nothing better than the effect of radiant, slightly damp skin, barely touched by makeup. Getting into the list of the most beautiful brides of the season is guaranteed!

Must have brides:

Cheek & Lip Tint in Coral Hibiscus… They have antioxidant properties and make pigmentation less visible. Enriched with Shea Butter, Argan and Acai Butters to nourish skin for a natural glow.

Lip Gloss in Peachy Nude… Moisturizes and intensively nourishes the delicate skin of the lips. The shine formula contains argan and acai oils, rich in natural antioxidants and vitamin E.

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Eyeshadow in Romance. Created on the basis of rice powder without the use of talcum powder. It contains antioxidant and anti-aging ingredients – fruit extracts and vitamins, plant pigments that are safe for the skin of the eyelids.

Pressed Blush Bloom Multi-Purpose Blush… Talc-free, made with rice powder, which perfectly absorbs excess sebum. Natural pigments and herbal antioxidant ingredients are beneficial for the skin, protecting it from dryness throughout the day.

Illuminating Balm Champagne Highlighter… Gives the skin a healthy glow without an oily sheen and moisturizes it with organic coconut oil, organic jojoba oil, cocoa butter and vitamin E.

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Photo: Andrey Baida, Yulia Kaptelova, press materials.

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