The best star looks this summer: stylists comment

The best star looks this summer: stylists comment

Wedding selected the best wedding looks from this summer’s stars and asked stylists for their comments. What image do you remember the most?

Princess Beatrice’s wedding look

The image of Beatrice is very bold. Decide to wear the dress of the grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II at the wedding this is a challenge to society. The make-up and hairstyle are made in the spirit of minimalism, so the image turned out to be restrained, as befits a royal person. As a real European girl, Beatrice simply had to collect her hair in “Malvinka for a tiara, inherited, in a strict empire style and make a simple natural make-up, as in ordinary life – make-up without make-up. Perhaps because of the quarantine conditions, the princess did not seek help from wedding stylists and got together on her own.

In general, the image of the bride Beatrice embodies the spirit of the era, the model of the dress of the bygone century, which breathes with the nobility and energy of the history of the royal family, which gives mystery to the princess.

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Dina Nemtsova’s wedding image

The image of Dina Nemtsova is one of my favorite star images this season. It perfectly combines classics, lightness, youth and modern trends. Of course, the main starting point was an incredible dress from Viktor & Rolf, which perfectly suits Dina. Dina opted for a classic make-up with an accent on the eyes and a light pink lipstick. I really like it when brides choose a light tone and delicate shades of blush, it always gives the face a fresh and rested look. One of the makeup trends of this season, which came from fashion shows and catwalks, is the arrows, which are the main focus of Dina’s makeup. The hairstyle is a classic low bun that always remains relevant. Very beautifully designed strands on the face and a perfectly matched hair ornament all this creates a royal and elegant look.

Of course, many girls will be inspired by this image and want to repeat it. Focus on lightness, for this, choose a pale pink blush, shadows of pastel and brown shades that look very natural, the main accent in your makeup will be arrows and eyelashes. When choosing lipstick, look for light pink and peach shades. Dina’s hairstyle – a classic low bun – is a fairly universal option that suits many girls, a must-have is the beautiful design of the strands on the face.

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Wedding image of Svetlana Bondarchuk

Wedding images of Svetlana Bondarchuk cannot leave you indifferent. They are not classic, they are bright, bold and eye-catching. Svetlana’s first image is restrained and elegant. The trend towards naturalness and minimalism is clearly visible in Svetlana’s styling. Instead of the usual bouffants, lush curls and complex hairstyles, we see light styling and straight hair. The main emphasis in the wedding look is makeup. It is monochrome, but bright enough for a wedding look, although it undoubtedly suits Svetlana very much. Nude lipstick, sculpting, accentuated lower eyelid and shaded arrow all draw attention to her expressive blue eyes.

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Svetlana’s second image is more daring, red lips were added to her brightly painted eyes, which looks unusual and bold for a bride. The accent in the image remains on the make-up, the hair is gathered in a light bun with loose strands at the face and covered with a lush short veil. A small veil fixed on the top of the head gives the image a lightheadedness, as a rule, such a short veil can be found at a bachelorette party, and not at a wedding.

Svetlana’s looks are unique for brave brides who don’t want to play by the rules. If you feel like repeating this look, use long-wearing gel eyeliners or eyeliner to keep your makeup going all day. When choosing a bright lipstick for a wedding celebration, do not forget that it should be long-lasting and, if possible, leave no residue.

Here you can read how the wedding of Svetlana Bondarchuk went, here you can find out how the dress was created, and here everything about the decor at the star wedding.

The wedding image of Eleanor von Habsburg

Stylist Ekaterina Khokhlova comments:

The image of Eleanor on the day of the wedding delighted me sophistication and purity of style. The dress from Carolina Herrera fits flawlessly, emphasizing the figure of the bride. The architectural cut of the dress and the perfectly fitting fabric create the effect of a half-opened flower. Cthe branch theme continues in the jewelry made by Eleanor herself. Veils and tiaras, which are so characteristic of the royal aristocracy on their wedding day, the bride opted for an airy veil made by British hatter Stephen Jones, and this, in my opinion, added retro chic to the image. Bfootsteps left the image airy and weightless, shoes would have looked unambiguously stricter and more formal.

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The makeup, sustained in natural, nude shades, emphasized the freshness and youthfulness of Eleanor. The hairstyle is less successful. FROMloose soft waves look harmonious and natural, but, creating volume on the crown zone, the master “failed” the shape of the hairstyle and it turned out cut effect and asymmetrical volume.

A few tips for brides how to repeat this form. Youtake a simple and concise silhouette of a dress with minimum details and decor,There should not be many dyes, 1-2 accents in the whole image. EIf you want to add aristocracy and aesthetics to the image, choose retro style. ABOUTGive preference to makeup in soft natural shades, no false eyelashes and a lot of highlighter. Light and natural volume in the hairstyle without a ton of nail polish will make the image relevant and uncluttered.

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Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s wedding look

Sanna Marin is not cheating on herself. Her bridal makeup is designed in natural, calm shades, without Hollywood shine or correction. She is beautiful and adorable, and the trend towards naturalness was certainly present in her makeup. The emphasis is on the eyes, her favorite shooters, and good skin care. The hairstyle is done in a calm classic style, soft waves fall over the shoulders. You don’t need to do anything else, just emphasize the beauty of well-groomed shiny hair.

Image, dress and whole wedding very harmonious. The trend for naturalness, lightness, softness and happiness in the eyes will suit many brides!

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If you want to repeat this look, it is important to start treating your face and hair in advance for the products to work. It will take approximately three months.

Use products with radiance on the day of the celebration and don’t exaggerate your natural beauty. Soft textures are appropriate for light makeup. For example, use a pencil instead of a glossy liner and prioritize matte gloss when filling in the lips. Light blush will refresh any makeup, even brown mascara win-win this summer.

Text: Zhanna Spiridonova.

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