Star master class: wedding makeup life hacks from the best makeup artists

Star master class: wedding makeup life hacks from the best makeup artists

Their wedding images are still admired by the whole world. The secret is not only in the designer wedding dress, but also in the impeccable makeup. Wedding shares the secrets of makeup artists who did makeup for Meghan Markle, Sophie Turner and other celebrities on their big day.

Daniel Martin

After the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the query “How to repeat the makeup of the Duchess of Sussex” became one of the most popular on the Internet. At the request of fans, makeup artist Megan revealed several of his beauty secrets. Here are some things to consider if you want to achieve a radiant make-up like Meghan’s:

  • Choose a foundation and moisturizer that is water-based rather than oil-based. This will make the makeup more permanent and natural.
  • Remember that strong strobing will visually enlarge the face in videos and photos. For radiance, it is best to use a creamy highlighter and a fluid foundation.
  • Makeup should look good in both daylight and artificial light.
  • If you need to mask the inflammation, instead of a thick layer of foundation, apply hydrocortisone ointment to the area of ​​redness, then an eyelid primer and concealer.
  • And the main rule of “no makeup”: less is better than more.

Hannah Martin

Official Bobbi Brown Makeup Artist Hannah Martin is another master of natural makeup. To achieve perfect skin and a light blush, like Princess Eugenia’s on her wedding day, Hannah begins makeup with a face massage with vitamin serum. It is also best to choose a product with a light shimmer for a natural glow. And for a wide-open look, you don’t need false eyelashes at all. Instead, you need tongs, a base for eyelashes and two types of mascara – for volume and lengthening.

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Mario Dedivanovic

Perfect contouring isn’t the only thing about wedding makeup artist Kim Kardashian. Memorize life hacks to accentuate brown eyes as effectively as Mario does. First, the best base for loose eyeshadows is creamy beige eyeshadow. Second: to make the eyes visually larger, and the eyelashes will help three pencils for eyes of different shades (from black to light brown). And third: first paint the eyes, and only then mask the dark circles under the eyes.

Manuel Mameli

Another way to highlight the eyes with makeup is to highlight the brow line and use light shadows in warm shades. If you have light eyes, we advise you to be inspired by the wedding image of Chiara Ferragni, on which Manuel Mameli worked. Nothing extra: just Lancome pearl cream eyeshadow, a soft brow pencil and waterproof mascara to keep the bride flawless all day.

Yumi Mori

Priyanka Chopra’s makeup artist knows how to make lips plump and seductive. For the wedding makeup of the star, Yumi used only products from the Marc Jacobs Beauty line. But the main accent was matte lipstick in a juicy berry shade. Since matte bright lipsticks emphasize all the irregularities, be sure to use a pencil of the same tone and apply lipstick only over a special base. And make-up fixer will help to prolong the durability.

Charlotte Tilberry

Shalotte Tilberry has worked on wedding makeup for many celebrities. Among them are Amal Clooney, Poppy Delevingne, Kate Moss. When creating a make-up, the makeup artist first of all pays attention to the style of the bride. For a romantic look, Charlotte advises to choose muted shades, and for luxurious boho-chic, glamor or modern makeup – red shades in the style of Amal Clooney. “Prefer satin lipstick if you don’t want to tweak it every hour,” adds Charlotte.

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Harold james

In all wedding photos, Tina Kunaki looks very natural and festive at the same time. Harold James did not want to overload the make-up model with unnecessary accents and only added a little shine. To achieve the same effect, apply a drop of creamy highlighter to the apples of the cheeks, the area above the upper lip, the center of the chin and under the eyebrows. For lips, choose gloss and lipstick in two natural shades. Apply a darker lipstick towards the edges and a lighter gloss in the center.

Gucci Westman

Antiage make-up expert and favorite make-up artist Gwyneth Paltrow in interviews periodically tells how to get younger by several years with the help of make-up. “Anti-aging makeup starts with grooming. Massage and probiotic cream are the backbone of the basics. Then a light base with a highlighting effect. Light lipstick and blush of cold shades will help to reset a few years. Conversely, bronzers and strong contouring add age, ”says Westman.

Hang Wango

It turns out that it is quite easy to repeat Sophie Turner’s sophisticated wedding makeup. Hang Wango advises brides not to get carried away with black eyeliner and dark smoky eyeshadows. Instead, the makeup artist used powdery shades of gold, pink and light brown. Eyeshadow with a shimmer, the makeup artist advises to apply closer to the inner corners of the eyes to make the look open and radiant.

Denika Bedrossian

Although Hailey Bieber regularly shares video tutorials on makeup, she still entrusted her wedding make-up to the pros. Makeup artist Denika Bedrossian was responsible for the image of the bride. At Haley’s request, the beauty expert has come up with a minimalist makeup with a naked skin effect. To repeat this trick, ditch heavy contouring, matte foundation, and thick powder. The best choices are translucent creamy textures, blush and powder in balls, as well as nude shine for eyes and lips.

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Text: Tatiana Veselova.

Photo: Instagram.

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