SOS situation: what beauty mistakes brides make

SOS situation: what beauty mistakes brides make

Every bride dreams of looking perfect on her wedding day. And sometimes, succumbing to desires, impulsively decides on beauty experiments, which, alas, do not always end well. It is against beauty punctures that top make-up artist Elena Sinyak, winner of the Wedding Style & Beauty Awards in the nominations “Best wedding makeup artist” and “Best wedding stylist for creating an image”, warns against beauty punctures. And he recommends what and when to do, and what is not necessary.

Extended eyelashes

I always recommend to my brides to refrain from eyelash extensions before the wedding. In everyday life, wearing extended eyelashes is convenient and practical. But not on the wedding day.

During my practice, I saw on the strength of five times perfectly extended eyelashes, when the shape, bend, thickness and density of the hairs were perfectly matched – in this matter it is important to take into account all the nuances. Otherwise, you risk getting too heavy a look, an uncorrected or insufficiently corrected eye shape. This is especially important with close-set eyes or when the eyes have a lowered corner.

Also, there are frequent cases of allergic reactions. Although you could already carry out this manipulation four times and everything was fine, and on the fifth one suddenly there was swelling, redness, itching and other troubles. Allergy is a cumulative affair, alas.


Soothing eye drops, which a makeup artist should always have, will help to correct the situation a little. A few additional tufts of eyelashes will help correct the irregular shape.

Fresh tattoo

A recent tattoo can be a tough test for a makeup artist on their wedding day. Since after the procedure, it takes time to restore the skin and to “shrink” the color.


In the arsenal of a wedding makeup artist, there should always be products for shape correction and color correction. Sometimes you have to completely overlap the tail of the eyebrow in order to then draw a new, more harmonious shape. Therefore, persistent opaque (with the effect of a second skin) correctors should be in a beauty case. And even such proofreaders help out when you need to urgently hide a tattoo from your dad or grandmother – and that happened.

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Cosmetology procedures

A wedding is, of course, a good reason to visit a beautician, but … only for standard care procedures such as light gommage, moisturizing toning masks and massage. Cleansing, deep peels, injections and other manipulations are best done at least 3-4 weeks before the wedding, so that all swelling, bruising and peeling will surely disappear.


If the traces of the procedures did not have time to pass, the makeup artist on the wedding day will need to pay special attention to moisturizing dry skin areas and local correction.

New face and hair care products

I am not a supporter of changing cares before the wedding. The exception is after a rehearsal, when I see skin defects or hair conditions that can be corrected with proven procedures or the use of special products.


Experimenting with new tools can play a cruel joke. And now – the more recently pliable hair, now overloaded with various masks and oils, ceases to obey and does not lend itself to curling. There is only one way out – to urgently change the concept of styling: instead of luxurious curls, collect hair in a bun.

Hair length correction or coloring

Updating the hair cut and correcting the bangs is best done after rehearsal in consultation with the stylist. Personally, I recommend trimming your bangs about two weeks before the event. Since often the just-cut bangs are somewhat shorter than at the rehearsal, so the stylist may not have enough length. Sometimes I also ask you to cut your bangs in a certain way with a certain angle of the abduction, so that it fits better in the style that we agreed with the bride.

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Hair coloring and toning should be done only in a salon. And at least 5 days before the wedding, to have a reserve of time to wash off the paint from the scalp or wash out an unwanted shade.

Uneven tan

Few of the brides do not dream of a golden tan that will effectively emphasize a white dress. By and large, I support this idea, but you just need to sunbathe before the wedding wisely. If you tan naturally, then make sure that the straps from the swimsuit do not pass through the open areas of the neckline, so as not to get the unwanted zebra effect when you put on your wedding dress. A professional stylist will certainly be able to neutralize these traces, but in large photographs and video frames, the difference in shades can still be noticeable. Plus there is a risk of staining light-colored clothing that comes into contact with the correction sites, no matter how persistent the products are.


Sunbathing should be taken at least a week before the wedding, so that the skin has time to recover. Otherwise, even the most ideal tone will unwittingly emphasize the texture and fine wrinkles on dehydrated skin after sunburn. “Yes, all this tan will be washed off in a week!” – brides are worried. Nothing wrong! I’d rather create the effect of a recent stay in the Maldives with the help of cosmetics and bronzers, than trying to return the skin to freshness and hydration in an hour after long “tanning marathons”. And there will be fewer problems with pigmentation and freckles, although personally I really love freckles.

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In general, it is better to transfer all experiments with appearance to the post-wedding time. And on the eve of such an important day, focus on care, proper nutrition, adherence to sleep and water balance, especially during pre-wedding diets and stress.

Bride’s cosmetic bag

These beauty products should definitely be in the bridesmaid’s purse if the wedding is unaccompanied by a stylist.

• Matting napkins
• Light powder
• Lipstick / pencil / tint or gloss to renew lip makeup
• Concealer
• Mini bottle of hairspray
• Eye drops that relieve redness (for touching moments)


It is also better to correct and dye the eyebrows in a week and a half, so that the color is washed off a little and is not overly saturated. Better during the wedding makeup, the makeup artist will spend an extra 10 minutes and depilate newly regrown hairs than trying to lighten the blonde’s black eyebrows with colored gels. As with eyelash extensions, these fixes add weight and age to your makeup.


We should also say about instant tanning. If you have never done the procedure, you do not have a proven master and a clear idea of ​​how everything will manifest on your skin, it is better to postpone the procedure until a less solemn occasion. Otherwise, there is a great risk of being a spotted orange. If the procedure is familiar to you, then do it two days before the wedding so that the tan on the skin looks natural.

Illustration: Sasha Arutyunova.

Text: Elena Sinyak.

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