“Self-isolation is not a reason to stop caring about your appearance!”: Ulyana Belova is sure

“Self-isolation is not a reason to stop caring about your appearance!”: Ulyana Belova is sure

Sports, beauty rituals, personal care and … quarantine. The solution to this difficult equation was found by Ulyana Belova, model, blogger, heroine from the Wedding cover, in the recent past a bride, and now the wife of the sought-after wedding presenter Alexander Belov. Their magnificent wedding took place in November 2018, our magazine widely covered this beautiful event. Ulyana actively maintains her Instagram, updates her story daily. And by his own example he shows that even in quarantine conditions you can look great, actively play sports and even do makeup and styling. Wedding asked what beauty rules Ulyana strictly follows and how she motivates herself to look great while she is at home. Motivation will not hurt all of us now!

Wedding: How does each morning start? Your must-have beauty minimum.

Ulyana: I, like most girls, have daily beauty rituals. Every morning I start with using micellar water, then cleansing the skin, 2-3 times a week I use a scrub. The next step, after cleansing, is hydration. I apply serum, eye cream, and moisturizer day cream. And sometimes I also make a mask and wear it around the house while I cook breakfast. All of the above are the same basic daily procedures for me as brushing my teeth.

Wedding: Are there any procedures that have become inaccessible in conditions of self-isolation?

Ulyana: Of course, self-isolation makes adjustments to our lives. And although I managed to do a manicure, paint and do hair care procedures even before the #sidimhouse, unfortunately, this will not be enough for a long time. Now I, like many girls, have to master all this myself, at home. But, you know, even this has its advantages. We are all so used to salons that we think of ourselves worse than we really are. But we can and can do a lot ourselves. In a word, we discover new talents in ourselves!

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Wedding: How do you motivate yourself for makeup and styling? Is there a temptation to refuse during the quarantine?

Ulyana: First, about the makeup. I’m not one of those girls who dye at home every day and are afraid to appear in front of her husband without a make up. And it seems to me that if a loved one sees you naked and because of this his attitude towards you changes, then this is not a very good sign … (Smiles.) For me, beautiful, clean and healthy skin, good athletic shape, well-groomed hair are much more important to me. … Actually for this we do all these facial procedures, we buy serums and creams to look good without makeup, and not with it. Therefore, drink more water, exercise, watch your diet and you will not have to fear that someone will see you natural.

Wedding: How often do you visit the dressing room? Basically, we all need comfortable clothes now, and the outfits will wait.

Ulyana: The outfit situation is the same. I love looking good at home, but that doesn’t mean to me that I have to go in an evening gown or silk peignoir with feathers. Although I personally think that my husband is not averse to walking in a tuxedo at home. (Smiles.) In my wardrobe there are a lot of sportswear, beautiful home clothes, stylish pajamas – and among them, by the way, there are even silk ones. Of course, I can dress up to take a photo or just remember what it feels like, but without going too far. Moreover, a small child makes his own adjustments in the choice of clothes. Again, a good athletic figure will make any outfit look pretty. And here I absolutely agree with the phrase that it is not clothes that paint a person.

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Wedding: What is the main “beautiful” advice you would give to our readers while sitting at home?

Ulyana: Let self-isolation not become a reason to stop caring about your appearance, but, on the contrary, stimulate you to get better. After all, now, more than ever, there is time for this. Hopefully everyone has already passed the stage of eating weekly supplies, and most of the series have been watched. Do sports at home, there are so many quality workouts online now. Don’t forget about nutrition and water balance. One without the other will not be as effective as together. Well, of course, it is important to remember not only about appearance, but also to improve yourself spiritually. What is perhaps even more important, but it is better to do everything together!

Text: Tatiana Yezhova.

Photo: Wedding archive, personal archive.

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