Safe tanning: mistakes when using SPF products

Safe tanning: mistakes when using SPF products

The harm of UV radiation to the skin is difficult to deny: it causes premature aging, increases pigmentation and provokes melanoma. We have compiled the top 5 common mistakes when using SPF products during the active sun season. Remember!

1. Application of insufficient amount of Sanskrin.

Remember the main thing: for reliable protection from ultraviolet radiation, the cream must be applied to the skin with an even dense layer, and the SPF must be at least 30. By the way, it is better not to rely on filters in decorative cosmetics. In the summer, their protection is clearly insufficient. The same can be said about sun protection sprays: it is simply unrealistic to create a uniform coverage with them. But with their help, you can easily and quickly update the protection over the foundation. We remind you that the main sunscreen is applied to the face after leaving, but before makeup.

2. Using sunscreen right before going out to the street or beach.

It is recommended to apply sunscreen to body and hair twenty minutes before going out. Filters take time to absorb and provide optimal protection from UVA and UVB rays from the very first minutes of sun exposure. Do not forget about especially sensitive areas: lips, eyelids, ears and feet. Large moles are best covered with a thick layer of SPF 50+ cream.

3. Ignoring sunscreens for hair.

The sun is enemy number one for colored hair. Under his kisses, even healthy curls quickly turn into dry and lifeless tumbleweeds. Sign up for an Intensive Hair Moisturizing treatment before your vacation. And in your beach cosmetic bag, be sure to put sunscreen spray, shampoo and a regenerating after-sun mask.

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4. Non-renewal of waterproof Sanskrin.

First, waterproof sunscreens that don’t need to be reapplied after bathing simply don’t exist. Their main task is to protect the skin while in water, but not after. Secondly, the effect of any SPF cream under the influence of direct sunlight lasts no more than two hours, so the protective layer on the beach must be constantly renewed.

5. Neglecting Sanskrin on cloudy days.

It is sad but true: it is difficult to get sunburned in unclear weather, but getting old is easy. The thing is that insidious UVA rays, which make up 95% of all ultraviolet radiation, reach the surface of the earth all year round and clouds do not interfere with them. We do not feel their effect, but unlike UVB rays, they penetrate deep into the dermis and provoke changes in DNA cells. Therefore, the best protection against photoaging and other unpleasant consequences for the skin will be the use of SPF-products in any weather.

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Text: Daria Biryukova.


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