Preparing the bride for the wedding: 12 main beauty mistakes

Preparing the bride for the wedding: 12 main beauty mistakes

Sure, you look great anyway, but you will definitely want to shine even more on your main day. So that nothing gets in your way, beware of these beauty mistakes.

1. Abuse coloring products.
Red wine, chocolate, dark berries, strong tea and coffee can significantly stain tooth enamel. If you have planned teeth whitening on the eve of the celebration, it is better to exclude these foods from the diet after the procedure. If you are not going to whitening, adjust your diet as early as possible so that the enamel has time to recover for the wedding.

2. Sunbathe a lot.
Too intense tanning is not only bad for the condition of the skin, but also looks unnatural, especially in contrast to the white dress. In addition, being carried away by sunbathing, you risk getting burned, and flaky skin on the wedding day is not at all what the bride needs. If you feel like sunbathing, do so gently and briefly to achieve a light, natural shade.

3. Do hair removal shortly before the wedding.
Epilation, be it wax, sugaring or photoepilation, irritates the skin and makes it sensitive. If the procedure is scheduled for the last weeks before the wedding, you may be sore on the main day. Therefore, epilation, especially when it comes to the first procedure in your life, is best done at least three weeks before date X.

4. Use new medicines, cosmetics or household chemicals.
Don’t experiment with new medications, cosmetics, or chemicals just before your wedding. A seemingly harmless fabric softener can easily cause allergies, cosmetics can change the condition and appearance of your skin, and medications can also cause an allergic reaction and affect your weight and well-being.

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5. Cut, dye your hair, do eyebrow shaping and facial treatments less than a week before the celebration.
You should have enough time to correct the situation if something goes wrong.

6. Get carried away with salty.
Adjust your diet in the last week before the main day by cutting out pickles, canned food, and other foods high in salt. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, drink water – this will help avoid swelling and feeling unwell on the eve of the celebration.

7. Straighten your hair on the eve of the celebration.
Straightening your hair with an iron right before your wedding is not a good idea. If your wedding hairstyle involves curls or curls, straightened hair will be difficult to style. Even if you straightened your hair for a romantic pre-wedding dinner, remember to wash it afterwards so it returns to its natural structure.

8. Wear a bra on the morning of your wedding day.
Few people think about it, but the straps of a regular bra can leave noticeable red stripes on the shoulders and back. This is especially inappropriate if you have an open dress. On the morning of the day of the celebration, it is better to wear a strapless bra or do without it altogether.

9. Don’t drink enough water.
Start drinking enough clean water at least a month before your wedding. This will help restore the skin, smooth it out and restore a fresh look to the face.

10. Forget about SOS dialing.
Don’t forget to pack an emergency cosmetic bag to hand on the day of the celebration. Put there pins and pins of different sizes, double-sided tape, a thread with a needle, small scissors, hairspray, razor, deodorant, plaster, pieces of cloth or tape from the dress, nail polish remover, nail polish (if, of course, you have not gel polish), nail file, make-up remover wipes, tampons, analgin and whatever else you think you need.

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11. Do not take cosmetics with you.
It’s okay to touch up your makeup on your wedding day. No matter how well your makeup artist does his job, after a day of kissing, toasting and crying, you will likely need to freshen up your makeup. Take your lipstick, eyeshadow, powder, and blush with you – just in case.

12. Wash off the entire make-up with tears.
Even if you are not a particularly sentimental person, on your wedding day, tears can spontaneously flow from your eyes. In order not to spoil your makeup, take paper handkerchiefs and lightly press them into the inner corners of the eyes (where the tear ducts come out). Tears will be absorbed into handkerchiefs and will not spread over the face.

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