One century of endless love: how wedding fashion has changed over the past 100 years

One century of endless love: how wedding fashion has changed over the past 100 years

In project “Love is one century long can be clearly seenhow costumes and accessories, hairstyles and makeup, and fashion for wedding looks have changed. Visagiste Ksenia Knyazeva told how she created images for a couple.

As a makeup artist, it was very interesting for me to study and then recreate fashionable images of different decades. According to the idea, a young couple in love travels back in time, arriving at an Italian villa. They tried on bridal looks from the 2020s, 1980s, 1950s and 1920s.

First starting point 2020th, present, in fashion modern and sophisticated image, lightness and naturalness, flying dresses. Previous decades were distinguished by greater brightness in images, now natural beauty and individuality are more and more appreciated. For this dress, I wanted to make the image of a bride that will be in demand in the new season of 2021: light wave styling, fresh blush, a natural shade of lipstick on the lips. To create beautiful skin, I used a radiant base and a light tonal fluid, sculptor, blush everything from Charlotte tilbury

1980s is the next stop. This is the time of brightness, bright colors, bright makeup, lush hairstyles, voluminous dresses, catchy jewelry. One of the directions of this time romantic chic, naturalness was important in makeup: not very bright lipstick, natural complexion, fluffy eyelashes. One of the most striking examples of the wedding image of the time Princess Diana. For a truly royal look, a fluffy dress was chosen, the image was complemented by a massive necklace and earrings, which were relevant in this decade. I added volume to the hairstyle with a side parting characteristic of that time, made large curls more pronounced. Lipstick and blush – also brighter

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1950s one of my favorite parts of this story. This time can be safely called the era of Dior, a triumph of femininity and beauty. In fashion couture dresses, elegance, thin waist, fluffy (and not only) midi skirts below the knee. To replicate this time, a dress with couture embroidery was chosen. To create makeup and hairstyles, I focused on the images of Grace Kelly: neat buns with an asymmetrical parting, arrows, a clear lip line using a pencil, a little muted blush. The image turned out to be very elegant and regally restrained. In my opinion, such an image will be relevant in our time, restrained classics are always in fashion.

1920s the era of jazz and the final part of our journey. We were inspired by the film The great gatsby… Some of the hallmarks of 1920s images bright red lipstick, often maroon shades, burgundy. They tried to make the shape of the lips more angular. Dark shadows emphasized the upper and lower eyelids. I did not weigh my eyes too much, I darkened the corner with a palette Charlotte tilburyby choosing a color to match the shade of lipstick (palette Dior backstage). I added a wave on the sides to the hair (this is also a distinctive feature of the era), making a wrap on a small diameter curling iron. A chic 1920s dress with feathers and rhinestones and vintage embellishments complete the look.

Text: Ksenia Knyazeva.

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