Makeup for the perfect selfie: what a bride needs to know

Makeup for the perfect selfie: what a bride needs to know

The digital era dictates its own rules: Instagram photos have long been perceived as a separate art form. Olga Komrakova, an international make-up artist at Clarins, has come up with a formula for the right make-up for the perfect selfie, for which even a thousand likes is not enough.

The basic rule of makeup for selfies is that it should be a little brighter than everyday. The fact is that the camera eats up the intensity of the color, so the commandment less is more can be safely ignored.

1. Start by correcting imperfections and evening out skin tone with concealer, color base and long-lasting foundation. Particular attention is paid to the area around the nose and chin. Redness is usually the most noticeable. When applying tone, always start from the center of the face and work smoothly towards the periphery. Be sure to work with a beauty blender on the neck, ears and jawline – they should not differ in color from the face. A combination of different textures like shimmery eyeshadow and matte lipstick works best in the frame, the same can be said for refreshing shades like pink and peach.

2. The second most important moment is drawing the ciliary contour with a persistent pencil or liquid eyeliner. This trick instantly opens the eye and makes it as expressive as possible. Remember to highlight your eyebrows, but don’t make them too bright. The shape may be slightly wider than the usual one – it will look harmonious on a selfie. I recommend combining several shades: darker at the tip, and make the beginning a little lighter. To give your face a beautiful relief with bronzing powder, go over the cheekbones, lower chin and hairline. The illusion of freshness will be created by blush applied to the center of the chin, protruding areas of the forehead and the crease of the upper eyelid. Add volumetric mascara to your lashes. Remember: the more intensely the roots are dyed, the longer the eyelashes keep a beautiful curve.

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3. In lip makeup, I vote for matte lipsticks in rich berry shades. Such an accent is guaranteed to attract attention! For example, our Joli Rouge Velvet lipstick is a true color revolution. Although it is matte, it does not dry the skin at all. All thanks to the organic extract of Salicornia, famous for its ability to retain moisture, and jojoba and apricot oils, which give softness and unsurpassed smoothness. Protection from dryness and sexuality in one bottle. And the color will not fade even after a million selfies. Like-like-like!

Photo: Andrey Baida.

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