Looks for brides: from star makeup artist Irina Mitroshkina

Looks for brides: from star makeup artist Irina Mitroshkina

Wedding asked Irina Mitroshkina, a celebrity make-up artist, co-founder of the Prive 7 salon, and a member of the jury for the Wedding Style & Beauty Awards, to comment on some vivid and memorable images of brides.

When creating an image for Anastasia Ovechkina, I used shimmery shadows, the image was bright, but just as gentle as Anastasia herself. The arrows were shaded, I didn’t use any clear lines. Stylist Yana Bogach made Anastasia light curls, which she gathered into a beautiful, but uncomplicated hairstyle that lasted the whole evening.

«Настя не любит гладко убранные волосы, какие-то радикальные укладки, прямые проборы – она традиционна, любит нежные, женственные, легкие образы, полусобранные волосы. Что касается макияжа – это всегда подчеркнутый внешний уголок глаза, стрелки, то есть вполне классические решения. Я уверена – ей пойдет любой актуальный макияж, любая вариация в стиле high-fashion, но она этого избегает. Хотя, повторюсь, с ее внешностью она будет гармонично выглядеть в любом стиле», – говорит Ирина Митрошкина. 

Here you can read in more detail how the image of Anastasia Ovechkina was created.

Here you can read an interview with Anastasia Ovechkina and find out about her wedding.

For the bride Maria, I made a very expressive makeup, but at the same time as natural as possible. Even though the makeup is bright enough, it doesn’t look heavy. Do you agree?

Tatyana’s wedding was in Spain among fields and olive groves, and her image was similar to that of an ancient goddess. For Tanya, we made two images. When creating the first, the casually tied hair was secured with a beautiful copper branch. In the second look, the stylist loosened the curls. I made Tatiana’s makeup rich and radiant, the bright, warm sun of Spain allowed us not to limit ourselves in brightness and radiance.

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Irina Mitroshkina and bride Lolita

Lolita’s wedding was truly large-scale (we are talking about the wedding of Gaspar Avdolyan and Lolita Osmanova), starting from the dress and ending with the performance of Lady Gaga. At the same time, Lolita wanted the most harmonious makeup. I made her an absolute classic. Despite the fact that the makeup was active and bright, it was absolutely laconic. Thus, we made it so that the overall image of Lolita looked gorgeous, like her whole wedding.

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Photo: Anastasia Belskaya, Igor Bulgak, Dmitry Markov, press materials, from the archive of Irina Mitroshkina.

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