It will become brighter for everyone: SPA for teeth before the wedding

It will become brighter for everyone: SPA for teeth before the wedding

A snow-white smile is the best decoration for a wedding look. On a day when there will be more than enough reasons for smiles, you need to be confident in the whiteness of your teeth.

The Swiss Smile Clinic of Swiss Dentistry offers not just cleaning, but a real SPA procedure for teeth and gums. The Perio-flow device, which is similar in its principle of action to Air-flow, cleans deeper and hard-to-reach areas and does not require post-procedure polishing of tooth tissues.

SPA whitening procedure does not bring any discomfort; rather, on the contrary, it relaxes and soothes. The patient spends the entire whitening session in a massage chair, listening to music or watching a favorite movie, wearing glasses with augmented reality. The session begins with tea, then the doctor begins to clean the tooth enamel from tartar and pigmented plaque.

The procedure includes scaling, Perio-flow and polishing with three pastes of varying degrees of abrasion with organic acids that dissolve mineralized deposits and essential oils that have an anti-inflammatory effect. Finished with a thorough polishing of the teeth and processing them with Swiss Smile whitening paste, and the result is noticeable whitening and natural color of the teeth.

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A photo: Maria Sakvarelidze

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