Image of the day: beauty trends of the new season

Image of the day: beauty trends of the new season

What will the bride of the 2019/2020 season look like? What makeup and hairstyle will be in trend? Wedding asked the wedding stylist Maria Lipatnikova, the creator of the Stylingschool, to talk about the most fashionable looks of the new season.

“The 2019/20 bride image is, first of all, shine, chic and brightly transmitted character. Sleek hairstyles are in trend, which can effectively combine an abundance of different and unexpected accessories. Now there is a new wave of trend for cuffs. Ribbons and bows in the hair were replaced by strass threads and chains. In make-up, there is a play of textures: absolutely matte skin and the shine of foil, glitter and liquid glass on the eyelids, ”says Maria Lipatnikova.

Style: Maria Lipatnikova, Daria Anisimova.

Photo: Olga Berezikova.

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