How to prepare for your wedding: spa treatments, detox and massage

How to prepare for your wedding: spa treatments, detox and massage

Often, for the bustle and preparation for the wedding, we forget about ourselves. Competent seating of guests, a menu, where to put flower arrangements, what music to choose for a dance … As a result, a feeling of great fatigue before the wedding. How important it is at this moment to stop, take a breath and take care of yourself.

Get yourself a spa day before your wedding. It is possible with friends in the form of a bachelorette party, it is possible only for yourself. Or you can go through a short detox program, which includes not only relaxing massages, facials, but also a very gentle and competent unloading diet. Thanks to such programs, designed for 2-5 days, you can improve your overall physical condition, get rid of extra 2-3 kg, make your complexion shine, and your emotions are extremely positive.

In the Revital Park sanatorium near Moscow, which is located 35 minutes from Moscow near Balashikha, for 15 years nutritionists and doctors have been practicing detox programs from 2 to 19 days. The sanatorium offers effective procedures for weight correction, there is a cosmetology department and special meals are available to correct the body’s problems. Anna Semenovich, Slava, Alisa Tolkacheva often come to the sanatorium.

What programs are recommended by the specialists of the sanatorium for brides? The basic program “Cleansing and Rejuvenation” is suitable for almost everyone. It includes: Charcot shower, body massage, hydrocolonotherapy, face massage, underwater shower massage and much more. The program helps to quickly lose a few unnecessary pounds and tone the body.

For those who want to focus on relaxation, experts advise the Anti-Stress Spa program, available in 2 and 5 days. These are wraps, a relaxing Thai massage, an underwater shower massage, and facials. And “Spa Journey” is suitable for those who like “hotter” sessions of Russian and Japanese baths, hammam, hot stone massage and other procedures.

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You can stay in a comfortable single room or two-room suite. On the territory of the sanatorium there is a large swimming pool with a bath complex, a multifunctional gym, a large park area and several herbal bars with a set of tizans.

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