How to get in shape after the holidays: detox and sleep

How to get in shape after the holidays: detox and sleep

As a rule, no one succeeds in keeping themselves in shape during the New Year holidays. And harsh everyday life force us to throw off the kilograms that have come over from the festive feasts, to put in order the skin and the state of the body as a whole.

The period before the wedding for every bride is stressful in itself, and if you still have to sit on extreme diets and go in for sports with triple zeal … You can not even count on good health and mood on the wedding day.

In fact, all you need is sleep and detox. If you follow the rest regime and do everything correctly, the skin will transform, the extra pounds will go away, and the nervous system will recover.

Detox and sleep are the main health trends of recent years. Victoria Roschaninova, the head of the Kraftway clinic and a recognized beauty expert @vikarkraftway, shared with us the formula for a perfect date with Morpheus.


Recent studies by neuropathologists have shown that about 80% of people experience various sleep problems, and scientists from Stanford University, after 40 years of research, claim that 90% of health depends on how well we sleep.

All self-healing and rejuvenating processes of the body take place at this time, including detoxification of the brain and the whole body. Considering that we spend four months of the year in a state of sleep, the bedroom becomes the most important place in the house.

Scientifically speaking, sleep is a repetitive cycle that has two phases – deep and shallow. And if the first completely revives the body, then the second is responsible for the mind. In order for the body’s performance to be at its best, it usually takes about 8 hours of full night’s rest.

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The ideal ambience for daydreaming is a dark, cool and quiet bedroom. Try to follow the regime: fall asleep and wake up at the same time every day. Get used to “digital detox” at least an hour before the date with Morpheus and go to bed no later than 23 hours, after turning off all light sources.

The fact is that only in absolute darkness, after midnight to 2 am, is the maximum production of melatonin, one of the main markers of longevity, occurs. With its lack, free radicals accumulate faster and the processes of cellular aging are activated. In addition, it is one of the most powerful antioxidants and acts as a powerful adaptogen.

In general, healthy sleep is in trend now. Europe is experiencing a real boom in clinics and hotels focused on its normalization, and specialized sleep bars are breaking all popularity records.

The organization of the sleeping space at home is a matter of paramount importance. My latest find is SAMINA, an Austrian healthy sleep company. Professor Gunther Amann-Jensson, the author of the concept of bioenergetic sleep and the founder of the company, took into account all possible nuances that affect the quality of sleep and, based on years of scientific experience and the results of the latest research, together with doctors and scientists, has developed an ideal sleeping system that meets all the requirements for complete relaxation. organism on the part of orthopedics, climate in bed, electrobiology and ecology of the choice of materials.

For example, the basis of the bed is a flexible lamellar lattice, which instantly reacts to any change in body position, providing the spine with the necessary support and maintaining its natural shape.

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The special design of the rubber mattresses, specially inclined at an angle of 3 degrees, allows the muscles of the back and neck to relax to the utmost. A mattress topper made of natural sheep wool with sewn-in silver threads and magnets protects against the effects of electrosmog and bio-interference during a night’s rest.

I was also impressed by the extensive menu of anatomically shaped pillows: anti-age options, for pregnant women and children, for those who like to sleep on their stomach or on their side, as well as pillows with built-in sound programs, selected by scientists according to the phases of sleep.

Orthopedic pillow SAMINA


Since the night hours are the best time to reboot the whole body, the process of getting rid of toxins at this time is the most active.

To improve detoxification, I recommend taking Mega NFC Medical 10, an updated preparation based on clinoptilolite-zeolite, which has a powerful stimulating effect on the immune system and the functioning of all internal organs, before bed.

This specially crushed mineral, which is 150 times superior to vitamin C in its antioxidant effect, stimulates all metabolic processes at the cellular level, removes puffiness, adsorbs and removes toxins, heavy metals, aluminum and mercury. It is made from volcanic rock, mined in one of the most ecological places in Norway. Magnesium and calcium were also added to the new formula.

Detox powder MEGA NFC® medical 10, Nanoble Health Concept

Just a month of taking it twice a day and the body will be completely cleansed of toxins, saturated with the most important minerals, acidity in the gastrointestinal tract will return to normal, the condition of the skin, hair and nails will noticeably improve, and there will be no trace of chronic fatigue syndrome.

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By the way, the most famous children’s clinics in the world – Sha Wellness Clinic and Palace Merano Henri Chenot – rely on this wonderful powder in their anti-age programs.

Perhaps the best guarantee that the tool really works and not be found. In Moscow, MEGA NFC 10 is exclusively presented at the Kraftway clinic. Come and see everything personally!


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