How to choose a wedding look: using a non-trivial method

How to choose a wedding look: using a non-trivial method

Wedding stylist Elena Yurina told Wedding how knowledge of numerology, psychology and Tarot helps her to offer an interesting image to brides.

After the release of the cartoon “Soul” on the big screens, the world of esotericism became even more entrenched in consciousness. And all the magical moments that they thought about, but were afraid to speak openly, came to the fore. Over the past five years, more and more people are talking about astrology, numerology, energology, and with the onset of a “midlife crisis” they increasingly turn to “magic” specialists in order to understand their path in this world, to correct work, everyday life, and relationships.

I myself have used the services of an astrologer and a numerologist more than once to reveal my inner potential and read my destiny. And just as knowledge on the external correction of the client’s image is important for a stylist, the psychological aspects of the person with whom we work are also important. It is important for all specialists working with people to study psychology, to be able to work with any person, not only offering first-class service, but also to understand what the client specifically needs. My task is to preserve the relationship for many years, to be as useful to my client as possible throughout the entire collaboration.

With someone, two meetings are enough to change the image and get used to the image, while someone needs to be led throughout the year and gradually remove limiting beliefs and negative attitudes towards clothes and their appearance, instill taste and show the need for the relevance of the image.

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Yes, today a stylist is not just a specialist in visual correction of appearance. He works with the deepest unconscious layers of a person’s personality. And it really helps to achieve success or get the necessary emotions for the client.

I ask the client to tell the date of birth and do the calculation of the psychological portrait using the Tarot lassos. This is not magic, this is pure mathematics. But behind each number is a personality story. The system has been tested on thousands of people before me and as a method of psychology or esotericism has brought many from the “dark side” into a successful reality. We can say that this is a kind and work with human motivation.

As in the cartoon, we come into this world to live an experience that the soul chooses in advance. And if we do not live this experience, do not bring ourselves into positive qualities, then we start to get sick, live in depression, apathy, or die early.

The calculation involves 22 senior arcana Tarot, each of which has its own name and its own set of metaphorical images. I can calculate the bride or groom separately, or I can see their general composite, understand the goals and objectives of this couple, for which their union was created. I use the first three positions (and sometimes the fifth) to work with visuals. I’m not guessing, I’m not esoteric, but I have a desire to find the “magic button”, save a person from the hassle and create the best image. When my portrait was read, it was the transformation of people that was my unique ability in this life.

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For example, suppose you were born on March 1, 1988. Your arcana is the Magician, Empress and Emperor. The first lasso speaks of you as a leader, you can embody any idea, you are a creative, charismatic person, you can influence people. The second lasso tells about creativity and beauty, the desire to create coziness, to live in luxury and comfort. And the Emperor is about strong and domineering people, demanding and energetic, about hard work and the creation of their empire.

But it’s not as simple as taking a description and applying it to yourself. Psychologists compare all facets of calculation with each other and help a person accept himself. And I, as a stylist, consider arcana in comparison with archetypes. The Magician is the archetype of the Wizard. The Empress is both Lover and Guardian. The Emperor is the Ruler archetype.

The very system of archetypes came to us from marketing and was built on the sales system. We see the image and read the associations we need, thereby attracting the right client to the company, to the brand. Now this technique can be applied in all spheres of life, “packing” yourself into the desired archetype. You should not look for it or invent it – it is already set in us, you just have to look at the calculation by date of birth and compare the arcana and archetypes. And then it’s a matter of technology: take the description and the necessary lines, forms, associations and apply it to the client here and now.

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I also consider 5 components of the image (body, costume, entourage, role and story) in order to choose unique shades for hair and skin color and take into account the parameters of the figure. This is just one of my tools of work. But if I understand the inner world of the “Star” or “Sun”, I understand that the Creator or the Warrior is in front of me, I can offer the necessary style or even image.

What to wear a Magician, Guardian or Ruler is suggested by the concept of a wedding celebration. Or we ourselves can build a concept based on the calculation of the portrait. And if we compare the dates of birth of the bride and groom, we can get a unique code and reveal the personal history of the couple.

Text: Elena Yurina.

Photo: press materials.

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