For those at home: how to do makeup and styling for a Skype conference

For those at home: how to do makeup and styling for a Skype conference

Even if you work from home, Skype conferences have not been canceled. Wedding asked wedding stylist Sasha Yesenina, winner of Top Wedding Stylist, co-founder of Esse Beauty Studio, to tell how to do simple and effective makeup for video conferences, as well as quickly refresh the styling.

To look good online, two simple rules are enough:

do your makeup a little denser than usual.

choose the right light.

So how do you do your makeup to look good on video?

Moisturize your skin with your regular cream. Foundation always looks worse on dry and dehydrated skin.

Using a sponge or brush, apply foundation, adding a little concealer under the eyes and on areas that require special correction.

Brush through your brows with gel and add colors with pencil or eyeshadow.

To look refreshed, don’t forget to use your blush. They can also be applied to the crease of the eyelid for freshness.

With a fluffy brush, add a highlighter to the cheekbones, chin, tick above the upper lip and finger to the center of the movable eyelid.

Highlight the cheekbones with a bronzer and add it to the outer corner of the eye if desired.

Draw a line between the eyelashes using a pencil or draw a small arrow.

Paint over your lashes with mascara.

Apply your favorite lipstick or lip gloss.

How do I style my Skype conference?

Use dry shampoos or volumizing powders to refresh or renew your styling. Spread the product into the roots, beat with your hands.

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Remember that light plays a big role in your appearance. To look great, try to hold conferences with daylight from the window, the laptop can be positioned on the windowsill. Turn off ceiling lights if possible, they will add unwanted shadows to your face and make you look tired. Try to avoid side light.

Author: Zhanna Spiridonova.

Photo: Esse Beauty Studio.

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