Flawless wedding makeup: 6 secrets

Flawless wedding makeup: 6 secrets

Makeup is one of the most important parts of a wedding look, and you cannot underestimate its weight. Otherwise, deciding to save time and money, you will get rolled or leaked cosmetics, in photographs – a dull and flat face, and as a result, spoiled mood. You’ve probably noticed that in the pictures, as well as on the screen, the makeup looks a little paler than in real life. That is why make-up artists, preparing for fashion shows and other important events, including weddings, arm themselves with the longest-lasting pigments. In addition to saturation, wedding makeup looks most impressive when it contains shimmering shine. And, finally, the make-up must be persistent in order to maintain its original appearance for the whole day, no matter how many tears of happiness shed from the eyes, how many kisses fall on you, how much the sun is blinding, it rains and the wind blows. We tell you about the secrets of wedding makeup, which will help make it really perfect and long-lasting throughout the solemn day. In case your makeup artist doesn’t take them into account or you decide to make a make-up yourself.

Preparing the skin for makeup

Wedding makeup starts with preparing the skin for the application of cosmetics. And this is a very important stage. Imagine that you are building a house on a flimsy foundation – no matter how hard you try, nothing good, and most importantly, reliable will come of it. So it is with the make-up. In the first step, moisturize your face with a day cream suitable for your skin type, as you do in everyday life, only use a little less product so as not to leave a shine that will interfere with the color pigment lying flat. More functional BB products are a great alternative to regular cream. They are more resistant and provide a good barrier against environmental influences on the skin.

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Extra shine

Dull skin at a wedding is completely unacceptable, so use primers with reflective particles – the so-called illuminators – as a foundation. They easily illuminate the skin as if from the inside, creating the so-called Hollywood glow effect, and also do not roll into lumps even with the most active facial expressions. Later, after applying the foundation, an additional, but at the same time, natural shine to the face will be given by a bronzer with shimmery particles or a shimmer, which also brightens the desired areas like a highlighter.


To add volume and expression to your face, equip yourself with contouring cosmetics. It is done in two stages: first, zones are worked out that visually need to be “drowned” a little, creating an imitation of a natural shadow and giving the face an ideal oval: this is the contour of the forehead and the bottom of the chin, dimples under the cheekbones, the side surfaces and wings of the nose, as well as the area under the lower lip. Highlight areas – T-zone, areas under the eyebrows and above the lip, inner corners under the eyes, cheekbones and nasolabial folds. This fragmented highlighting will allow you to create photogenic highlights on the face.

Attention to the eyes

In addition to the shadows and mascara with which you want to highlight the eyes, it is necessary to emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes by painting the space between the eyelashes – both an eyeliner and a liquid liner can handle this. This is especially important if you have naturally light eyelashes – mascara without the help of eyeliner will not be able to paint over their roots, and this will ruin the whole makeup. In makeup with arrows, this technique is assumed by default, but do not forget about eyeliner, even if you are not going to make a make-up with cat-eyes effect. Just remember: if using a liner, choose only water resistant. Otherwise, you yourself will not notice how you turn into Pierrot.

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Use powder

After applying foundation and at the end of makeup. Skipping this step means not fixing the makeup on your face, and as soon as your sebaceous glands begin to work hard – from flashlights, sunlight or artificial lighting in a restaurant, the skin will inevitably be covered with an excessive oily sheen. To keep your makeup lightweight, use a loose powder with the lightest texture possible. Pay special attention to the T-zone, as well as the areas around the nose, on the chin and above the eyebrows. Just do not forget to cover everything that decorates your hairstyle during the final application of powder: this cosmetics is incredibly flowing, and it will be difficult to clean a tiara, wreath, veil or fabric hairpins later.

Take the mist with you

This is a relatively new cosmetic product on the market that resembles thermal water in a small spray can, but has much wider functionality. Mist perfectly fixes cosmetics on the face, and also acts as a moisturizer and soothing agent. Surely, you are familiar with the unpleasant feeling of tightness and heaviness from abundant makeup after several hours of the working day – at such moments, more than anything else, you want to wash it off and give your skin a rest. On your wedding day, the likelihood of encountering just such a feeling increases significantly. Here the mist will come to the rescue – spray it on your face and in an instant you will feel lightness and freshness, while the makeup will not suffer at all. If all the cosmetics you used in your make-up have lost their shimmer by the end of the wedding day, mist will breathe life into it and restore the natural glow of the face – for a great mood, an irresistible appearance and the best photos!

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Photo: Igor Bulgak, Galina Nabatnikova.

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