Expert advice: how to choose a perfume for a wedding

Expert advice: how to choose a perfume for a wedding

What notes will be in harmony with the bride’s image and how to choose a perfume for the groom? Especially for Wedding, perfume expert Varvara Kulaeva shared her secrets, tips and professional recommendations.

Our expert: Varvara Kulaeva, perfumer, director of perfumery for own brands of the L’Etoile chain, author of the Justessence fragrance collection.

What time of day is it better to choose a scent?

The ideal time to choose a scent is in the morning. Do not try to “embrace the immensity” – choose 3-4 aromas, no more. Take your time, try the scent on the blotter first. If you like it, put the scent on your wrist, smell it, walk for about 30 minutes, smell it again. This will help you understand how the composition interacts with your skin. And if you still like the scent, feel free to buy.

What should be the fragrance for the bride?

First of all, the bride herself should like the scent. You should be comfortable, cozy and joyful in it. The wedding day starts early in the morning and ends well after midnight, so I would recommend a delicate and delicate aroma. Later it can be changed to evening, consonant or combined with your daytime. Please note: many brands release different versions of the same scent: light compositions for the day and more intense ones for the evening. Convenient solution. And here’s another important thing: when choosing a fragrance, start from your wedding image, because the fragrance, like the dress, is designed to emphasize your individuality.

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Which is better: a novelty or a favorite perfume?

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In psychology, there is such a concept as “synesthesia” – when one involved sense organ, for example, vision, wakes up others – smell, hearing. Smell is one of the strongest sense organs. It is directly related to the part of the brain responsible for emotions. Therefore, smells are able to revive memories, to recall colored images and sounds. That is why for such a special day – a wedding – I will advise the bride to choose a new scent that will henceforth remind her of the holiday.

Princess Beatrice has officially canceled her wedding to Edoardo Mapelli ...

What should be the scent for the groom?

Many brands now offer so-called pairing fragrances – for him and for her. You can choose such a duet for your day. And another of the big trends in recent years is the direction of “unisex”. An interesting solution would be to choose one scent for two. Speaking about the rules, I would single out one thing – the scent of the bride and the scent of the groom must be liked by both of them! If you are choosing a new fragrance especially for the wedding day, it is better to “spread” it a few days before the holiday in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. After all, the taste preferences of even people who love each other do not always coincide.

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Secrets of scent application

Don’t forget the golden rule “Less is more.” It is believed that the perfume should be applied to the points of blood pulsation (neck, bends of the elbows, the area under the knees, behind the ears, etc.), since the skin in these places is warmer and the perfume composition opens up brighter and faster. A good place to apply is the hollow on the neck under the back of the head (there is no contact with jewelry or glasses – sometimes the material of the jewelry can change the scent). The scent should be applied to dry, clean skin, but can be refreshed during the day.

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Advice: in order not to carry a large bottle of perfume with you, buy a beautiful atomizer. It can be poured into a small amount of your eau de parfum and will easily fit into a bride’s clutch.

And one more secret. If you want to apply scent to your hair and there is no hair mist with the same composition available on the market, spray the perfume on the brush and comb your hair.

Princess Beatrice has officially canceled her wedding to Edoardo Mapelli ...


Lovers of the classics may like delicate flower arrangements.

For romantics – fruits, berries, vanilla, sandalwood.

For creative people – vetivers, citruses, patchouli.

For modern brides – woody compositions, musk.

But most importantly: listen to your inner voice and experiment.

Text: Tatiana Yezhova.

Photo: Andrey Baida, Andrey Nastasenko, Marina Fadeeva.

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