“Do no harm”: the golden commandments of wedding makeup

“Do no harm”: the golden commandments of wedding makeup

To flip through a wedding album with pleasure, and then proudly show it to great-grandchildren, you just need to look fresh, radiant and happy in the photo. And makeup plays a key role here.

Wedding talks about the most common mistakes, for which you end up paying the price with spoiled first impressions of the groom and unsuccessful wedding photos.

So, to decorate, not spoil yourself with makeup on the happiest day, can’t:

1. Try something new. Now is not the time to experiment with scarlet lipstick, smoky eyes and false eyelashes. The main goal of any competent wedding makeup artist is to make you look like yourself, so that you are comfortable and familiar with wearing this makeup.

2. Become a victim fashion trends. Of course, it is necessary to look modern and relevant, but you should not blindly follow the lead of beauty trends. Don’t get carried away by popular evening makeup accents, red carpet looks. The wedding day is a festive day, but it is the day, and your beauty will be emphasized by natural light.

3. Use lip gloss. Unfortunately, with all its effect of additional volume, the groom will get it. And in the photo it can glare and “blur” the contour of the lips. Choose more durable and matte options.

4. Go too far with the flicker effect. It can make your skin look greasy and not radiant – especially on the nose and forehead.

5. Apply too much foundation and powder. And not only because of the unnecessary mask effect. Powder, especially under the eyes, can roll off and you get noticeable wrinkles that you didn’t have before.

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6. Skip makeup rehearsal. After all, it also needs to be tried on, like a dress. This meeting with a makeup artist should be in your preparation plan a few months before the big day. First, so that the very morning does not start with unpleasant surprises in the mirror. Secondly, you and the makeup artist may simply not understand each other, and it will take time to find another.

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