Cosmetologist’s advice: how to take care of your skin under a protective mask

Cosmetologist’s advice: how to take care of your skin under a protective mask

The need to regularly wear protective masks is a test for the skin of the face. And many already notice the consequences: dryness, irritation, tingling, itching or redness. What should be done so that the skin of the face does not suffer excessively and what preventive measures should be taken? The questions are answered by Ksenia Aleksandrovna Kirillova, cosmetologist, Ph.D., author of the “Clean Skin” course for patients with acne and rosacea.

Does wearing a mask make your skin worse?

Yes. Masks cause constant friction and change the surface of the skin. This is due to the exhaled air containing moisture. The so-called “greenhouse effect” is created. Excess moisture leads to swelling of the stratum corneum of the epidermis and activation of the skin’s own microflora, that is, an ideal environment for pathogens of various skin diseases is formed.

With a greater tendency to atopy, acne and / or increased skin sensitivity, these symptoms may also worsen. As masks absorb the hydrolipidic film and cause dryness and irritation of the skin. And with each passing day, the tingling, itching and redness can become more intense.

Of course, the severity of these processes will depend on the quality of the mask itself. The worse its moisture removal and the less often you change it, the more bacterial contamination (contamination with microbes, bacteria, disease-causing cells – Ed.) Of the mask itself and your skin. The mask itself becomes a source of infection!

Therefore, it is so important not only to remember about its main purpose – to protect against the virus, but also to follow the rules for choosing and wearing it.

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How to care for your face while wearing a mask: before and after?

Often, a mask provokes or intensifies existing problems on the skin with a greater localization in the area of ​​its wearing – on the cheeks, nose and chin. For an accurate diagnosis, it is definitely best to see a dermatologist. But knowing that a mask can make your skin problems worse or cause new ones, it’s important to prevent them immediately with topical care.

Choose effective cleansing, with gentle formulas, to remove all forms of impurities from the skin’s surface. For example, Sensibio H2O micellar water, specially developed for sensitive skin, provides gentle cleansing from all types of impurities of the face and eyes. Its formula avoids contact with tap water, which in turn can exacerbate skin hypersensitivity. In addition to its ability to preserve the skin’s barrier function, micellar water has new advantages: a pronounced ability to trap heavy metals, pollen and particulate pollutants, and to maintain the diversity of the skin microbiome.

Micellar water Sensibio H2O, Bioderma; spray Atoderm SOS, Bioderma; cream Sensibio AR, Bioderma

How can you prevent symptoms?

As a prophylactic and SOS agent, Atoderm SOS spray is excellent. The remedy eliminates itching and its symptoms in 60 seconds, and the effectiveness lasts for six hours. The product has a light texture and a convenient spray-dispenser, with the help of which the emulsion can be applied very quickly, literally with one touch and allowing the product to be instantly absorbed when the mask is renewed. The active components of the emulsion will not leave any chances for irritation, since they block inflammation processes, possessing antistaphylococcal activity, eliminate the causes of dryness and irritation, increase skin tolerance and help it withstand adverse external influences. Vitamin PP and squalane help rebuild the skin’s protective barrier and maintain adequate moisture levels.

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If irritation does arise, then it is important to stop the process in time. For this, products from the Bioderma Sensibio line are suitable, for example, the AR healing cream, apply at night. The ingredients in the composition work very versatile, but all for one purpose – to soothe and moisturize irritated skin.

Text: Daria Maslova.

Photo: Press materials.

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