Bride’s mistakes: 7 main mistakes when creating a wedding look

Bride’s mistakes: 7 main mistakes when creating a wedding look

Wedding stylist Ekaterina Khokhlova says that for almost 20 years faces the same questions and concerns for brides when choosing the perfect and harmonious wedding look. therefore After analyzing problem situations, Ekaterina Khokhlova, especially for Wedding, compiled a list of the most important and popular mistakes that brides tend to make.

Mistake # 1. Blindly follow fashion trends.

No matter how much you would like to become like that very fashion model from the show with a “shaggy tail” hairstyle, if the stylistic type of your face, hair structure, dress style and many other factors simply do not “pull” this trend, then at least you will look ridiculous and inharmonious.

Mistake # 2. Don’t know fashion trends.

The other extreme of mistake # 1. Studying articles with the “latest” wedding trends on the Internet, pay attention to the limitation period of their writing. And, Scrolling through Pinterest, hoping to see your dream look, correlate it with the general bridal fashion trend of the current season. Looking through the collections of wedding houses, make a squeeze of the trends you like and already adapt them to your personality and taste.

Mistake number 3. Put on all the best at once.

Now the trend is minimalism and laconicism, but the rule of “no more than three accessories in the portrait area” is a classic and has been known for a long time. Therefore, if you want a tiara, a veil, a necklace, and earrings, give up at least one accessory, because the most important decoration is you, your face.

Mistake # 4. Refusal to rehearse the wedding image.

As a stylist with many years of experience, I will always insist on a trial version of the wedding look. This is the key to your peace of mind, confidence. and great mood on the wedding day.

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Mistake # 5. Creating too light and natural wedding looks.

Yes, now fashion trends dictate new rules: a minimum of styling, light natural waves, a thin layer of foundation, no eyelash extensions, etc. But weather conditions (wind, high humidity, heavy rainfall), walks in a convertible, yacht, helicopter, a long wedding day with a change of many locations and open areas, tears of happiness and strong embraces of relatives make adjustments to the image. Image persistence is important! Also, you can always use such a service as “stylist accompaniment”.

Mistake # 6. Insta-makeup at the wedding.

What looks very impressive on Instagram, as a rule, is very abrupt and even unbearable for life. Too dense tone, many cosmetic products on the face, noticeable facial modeling – all this does not correspond to either wedding trends or the concept of wedding makeup.

Mistake # 7. Don’t prepare your face and hair for your wedding day.

“I didn’t do anything on purpose before the wedding with a face, eyebrows, hair … You are a fairy! You will make a princess out of me. “ Whichever professional your stylist is, your face and hair preparation is of decisive importance in the image.

And if you have decided on the choice of a stylist for a wedding, trust him! After all, our main task is to make the wedding look really harmonious!

Makeup: Ekaterina Khokhlova.

Photo: Kirill Kalyakin.

Video: Alexander Morozov.

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