Bridal hairstyle: how to get your hair ready for the wedding

Bridal hairstyle: how to get your hair ready for the wedding

Hairstyle is one of the key details of the bride’s look. What does it take to make it look perfect?

Radical experiments with the image on the eve of the celebration are completely unnecessary and are even dangerous, but the hair restoration and strengthening program is what any bride needs. It is worth starting a course of care a couple of months before the main date, so that by day X the results are already noticeable.

Hair stylists advise you to choose complex programs designed to suit the characteristics of different hair types. For example, at Hair Spot on Malaya Bronnaya, brides are offered Treat Me Kevin Murphy care to strengthen hair and scalp health. The deep-acting care is based on natural ingredients and active substances that deeply moisturize, nourish and make hair smooth and shiny. The main concept of Kevin Murphy’s treatments is mixing the ingredients just before use. So the formula works much more efficiently, and the products give a visible and long-lasting result. Hair Spot Masters will assess the condition of your hair and select the right treatment from the Treat Me line, which includes complexes to moisturize, rejuvenate, strengthen, nourish and thicken hair.

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