Beauty rituals at the Venesa Clinic: what procedures to do before the wedding

Beauty rituals at the Venesa Clinic: what procedures to do before the wedding

Looking your best is the minimum beauty of any bride. But in order for the wedding dress to sit like a glove, and the styling looks beautiful from any angle, you need to take care of your hair and figure in advance. Mikaelyan Sirarpi, the head physician of the VENESA clinic, has drawn up an action plan to make you the most beautiful of all on the day of the ceremony.


When preparing for a wedding, many brides may notice loose skin and start to panic, because the dress is open! Loss of elasticity can be caused by sudden weight loss, stress, lack of sleep and active destruction of collagen and fibers in the dermis. In our clinic, we fight not only with visible aesthetic skin problems, but also establish the cause of their occurrence. And this, as you know, is one of the main conditions in the struggle for youth and beauty.


Pressotherapy is an effective and non-traumatic treatment to improve body contours and detoxify the body. During the session, a special suit is put on and, due to pressure and vacuum, excess accumulated fluid is removed from the tissues. As a result, swelling is reduced, the feeling of heaviness in the legs is relieved, and the skin becomes smoother.

Body electrostimulation

Low-intensity electrical impulses activate the process of intense muscle work, which allows you to achieve the effect of physical activity without training. The result is an acceleration of metabolism, stimulation of lipolysis and an increase in skin tone.

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Body mesotherapy

Intradermal microinjection of lipolytics is one of the best methods to combat cellulite and localized fat deposits. The standard correction zones are the abdomen, hips and buttocks, arms, shoulders and back. A precise hit on the fat traps allows you to “mold” new body shapes and make the silhouette more harmonious.

Cryolipolysis and various types of massage from classical manual to hardware LPG, depending on the indications, complete the path to a slim figure. The latter has a complex effect on all layers of the skin and is indicated to improve the relief of the skin and eliminate edematous cellulite.


Hair loss and deterioration in their appearance before the wedding can be associated with both prolonged stress and various trichological diseases.

Our clinic provides an integrated approach to treat scalp and improve hair density and quality. One of the most effective and versatile techniques is scalp mesotherapy.

Its essence lies in the subcutaneous administration of biologically active substances by microinjections, which improve microcirculation and nutrition of the hair follicles.

No less striking results are obtained by a comprehensive anti-aging program of laennec and plasma therapy. The first has a rejuvenating and stimulating effect on the body, and the second helps to normalize the scalp and stimulates the growth of new hair.


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