Beauty preparation: how to make a gorgeous smile

Beauty preparation: how to make a gorgeous smile

A dazzling smile undoubtedly adorns any person, and for the bride and groom it is a necessary attribute. On their main day, the heroes of the occasion attract everyone’s attention and get into the lenses of photo and video cameras, and therefore must look perfect. This is not so difficult to achieve: include teeth whitening in the list of pre-wedding procedures. What kind of whitening should you choose? Let’s understand their features.

The main fact: any whitening must be approved by a doctor and selected individually for you. When choosing the type of whitening, factors such as sensitivity, the presence of allergic reactions and the natural color of the teeth are taken into account. For example, in a Swiss dental clinic Swiss Smile offer the following types of whitening.

Zoom 4: the bleaching process uses a cold light with adjustable power. Zoom 4 whitening is painless and highly effective, with this procedure you can whiten teeth up to 11 shades.

Whitening Beyond suitable for grooms and brides who prefer natural white teeth, without a bleached “Hollywood smile”. A special cold-glow BEYOND accelerator lamp makes it possible to whiten teeth by 5-12 tones without the risk of getting a burn of the oral mucosa, avoiding gum irritation and itching.

Laser whitening occurs due to the action of a laser beam locally on each tooth. The laser enables the doctor to select the most accurate parameters of the intensity and duration of exposure and guarantees an effective result. In addition, specialists complement laser whitening with a mineralization procedure to strengthen the hard tissues of the tooth.

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Home whitening Recommended for those who want to maintain a light color of their teeth at home, for example, after professional teeth cleaning. On the recommendation of your doctor, you can purchase a proven brand of day or night whitening product specially selected for you.

SPA hygiene for teeth – a whole range of procedures to achieve the maximum effect of cleansing, strengthening and protecting teeth. This program is allowed in the absence of inflammation in the mouth and caries. The complex of procedures includes ultrasonic cleaning, treatment with a Perio Flow apparatus with a soft powder based on glycine, multilevel step-by-step polishing, an oxygen mask for teeth, strengthening and healing of teeth with fluoride and calcium compounds.

Choose the type of whitening that’s right for you and remember to check with your dentist first.

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