Beauty preparation for the wedding: top 10 procedures for the bride

Beauty preparation for the wedding: top 10 procedures for the bride

What does beauty preparation for the main day include? We have compiled a list of procedures that will help the bride look perfect. Plan your trips to the beauty salon in advance so that everything is in time.

1. Solarium.
If you have chosen a snow-white outfit, be aware that it will look especially impressive on a tanned body. There are no contraindications for tanning? Then feel free to go to the solarium at least 3-4 weeks before the celebration. A few sessions of 5-10 minutes will be enough for your skin to acquire an even, beautiful tan. And don’t forget to use the SPF filter!
If you are against UV light, try instant tanning with special lotions. It is better to do it in salons, otherwise the effect may be unpredictable.

2. Peeling, anti-cellulite massage and wraps.
Peels, wraps and anti-cellulite massage will help you to get in shape, get rid of a couple of extra centimeters and kilograms and even out the skin. Since the effect will be only after the course of procedures, it is worth starting a month before the wedding.

3. Epilation or depilation.
There is enough hassle before the wedding, so it is also better to get rid of unnecessary hairs in advance in order to throw this problem out of your head. Sugar or wax depilation is best done 5-7 days before the celebration, but the course of laser or photo epilation should be started no later than six months before the date of X. This is a long process, but the effect of it lasts for several years.

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4. Teeth whitening.
A sparkling smile can now be obtained in one whitening session, and it is better to plan a visit to the dentist 10-14 days before the celebration. In the first days after the procedure, you will not be allowed to consume coffee, strong tea, red wine and brightly colored foods, and your teeth may be too sensitive at this time.

5. Hair care.
It is better to refuse to experiment with color or curling before the wedding, if you do not want the holiday to be ruined. But it’s time to freshen up your hair color with your usual shade, get a haircut and restore shine and strength to your hair with the help of various treatments. It is better to do this 7-10 days before day X.

6. Rehearsal for hair and makeup.
Another important procedure that should be done at least a week before your date. After all, you want to be 100% sure that you will like the work of your stylist-makeup artist! Do not forget to show the dress and accessories to the master to make it easier for him to choose the image.

7. Correction of eyebrows.
Even the finest makeup can be ruined by imperfect eyebrows. To avoid mistakes, trust the professionals and correct the shape of your eyebrows 3-4 days before the wedding.

8. Manicure and pedicure.
Make an appointment for a manicure and pedicure 2-3 days before the celebration. Your fingernails should be flawless, because the groom’s attention will be riveted on them, and they will certainly appear in all photos with rings, glasses of champagne, flowers and other details. And while a pedicure will only be visible if you choose open-toed shoes, you want to feel perfect to your toes anyway, right?

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9. Relaxing massage.
Just a couple of days left before the wedding ceremony? If you feel that your nerves are at the limit, it’s time to sign up for a relaxing massage. You can even arrange for yourself a whole spa day or even combine it with a bachelorette party, delighting your beloved friends with the procedures.

10. Facial care.
Apply a face mask the day before your wedding to make your skin glow and smooth. It should be just a refreshing light mask – if you need to cleanse your skin, it should be done at least 2 weeks before the main day, so that redness and peeling has time to go away.

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