Beauty from A to Z: an expert column

Beauty from A to Z: an expert column

To look good and young, you need to take care not only of your face, but to approach the issue of beauty in a comprehensive manner. Hair, teeth and skin of the hands also deserve separate professional care, because they are the first to pay attention to. What procedures do we need to look 100% this winter, says Victoria Roschaninova, beauty columnist for Wedding magazine, head of the Kraftway clinic.

Spa teeth cleaning GLT

Absolutely everyone needs such spa treatments for teeth. And here’s why: this gentle and minimally invasive technique removes plaque and tartar and polishes the surface of the teeth. Moreover, this is not just cleaning, but the hygiene of the entire oral cavity, which is especially important in connection with the pandemic situation. In addition, for the first time, a dental procedure not only brings health benefits, but also does not cause discomfort!

Nourishing anti-aging face cream Rejuvenating, Kerstin Florian

RF Face Rejuvenation Endymed

As a result of the laser facial rejuvenation procedure, collagen and elastin are removed, which are responsible for skin elasticity and regeneration. Under the influence of the microneedles of the device, a supporting frame is formed, puffiness is eliminated, folds and wrinkles are smoothed out.

PRX-T-Therapy for face, neck and décolleté

Deep peeling treatment works with the quality of the dermis structure in contrast to surface treatments (techniques). It is important that in the process the skin surface is not damaged, therefore there is no peeling and, as a result, the rehabilitation period. This therapy provides an excellent lifting effect, protects against photo- and chrono-aging, visibly reduces pores and cleanses the face.

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Emergency Hair Loss Scalp Shampoo, Vitabrid C 12

Hair plasma therapy Endopet

Prolonged stress combined with the fall season can worsen hair loss. Plasma therapy procedures “Endoret” just helps to restore the structure of hair, prevent hair loss, and normalize the work of the sebaceous glands. And best of all, the effect will be visible from one injection.

Cutera Infrared Hand Rejuvenation

As you know, the condition of the skin of the hands, like no other zone, reflects the true age of a woman. Infrared hand rejuvenation works to tighten the skin of the hands, brighten it and get rid of age spots.

Firming mask for aging skin Raffermissant, Aura Chake

Complementary home care

In order to maintain the noticeable effect of salon procedures for as long as possible and remain beautiful, you will need special professional cosmetics for home care. The clinic’s specialist will definitely recommend it to you and tell you in detail the entire protocol of use.

Text: Victoria Roschaninova.

Photo: press materials, Gettyimages.

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