Beautiful hair: what can and should not be done while sitting at home?

Beautiful hair: what can and should not be done while sitting at home?

Finding at home is a great opportunity to do a number of care procedures that were previously lacking in time. We support! Finally all these masks, oils, gels and serums come in handy. It’s just important not to overdo it and not go to extremes. Especially if a wedding is planned in the future. Taking care of your beauty – and in particular the beauty of your hair, for advice and recommendations Wedding turned to Yulia Maksimovich, stylist Schwarzkopf… Introducing a smart home hair care guide.

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What can you do with your hair at home?

1. Self-isolation gives limitless possibilities for hair care: while there is no need to leave the house, test the care products and choose for yourself the optimal combination of shampoo, balm, mask and leave-in care, with which your hair will look like after a salon.

2. Try to accustom your hair to less frequent washing, for example, on the first day, leave your hair as you used to style, on the second, gather it in a bun, so that there is no temptation to touch it and make it even more dirty.

3. Observe the rule: after shampoo, be sure to apply hair balm, and use the mask only every second or third shampooing (or less often, if it is recommended on the package). Do not worry about weighting, even if you have thin hair – during the period of being in a confined space, additional moisture and nutrition will not interfere with your hair.

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4. While we are at home, you can experiment with temporary bright coloring. When else will it be possible to see yourself with pink, purple or blue curls? The assortment includes all kinds of coloring gels, sprays, jellies, balms, foams that guarantee a short-term transformation – for a day or two, sometimes a little longer.

5. And most importantly – use this time to rehearse new styles. Don’t know how to make curls? It’s time to learn. Use social media and video tutorials to master the latest hairstyles, such as weaves or original buns.

What shouldn’t you do with your hair at home?

1. The temptation to use food from the refrigerator for the beauty of hair is great, but most likely it will turn out to be an empty translation of ingredients with minimal benefits for hair. (We are talking about hand made masks and decoctions.) Today, stores have enough care products with approved technological formulations that solve modern problems. And for connoisseurs of naturalness, there is a large selection of products with vegan formulas that will save our hair from the effects of the environment and low-quality tap water.

2. Do not overdo it with shampooing: shampoo should only be applied to the roots of the hair, and for cleansing along the length of the flowing foam is enough.

3. If you are planning to dye your hair at home, use professional products of trusted brands and strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions. And please, no amateur performance in order to avoid unexpected reactions and unexpected shades.

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4. Self-haircut is also prohibited. You don’t have the skills, experience, or the right tools. It is better to wait and wait for the end of the period of self-isolation, and in the meantime, use point number 5 of the recommendations “What you can do”.

5. When experimenting with hairstyles and styling with a hair dryer, straightener or curling product, even at home, use thermal protection to minimize hair damage.

Author: Anastasia Kokovikhina.

Photo: Sandra Patapiene, Sofia, Kostas Paschalis, Jossef Si.

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