Absolute happiness: a trichologist about hair treatments before an important day

Absolute happiness: a trichologist about hair treatments before an important day

Beautiful hair is one of the most important beauty investments in a bride’s life. The trichilologist at the Telo’s Beauty clinic of aesthetic medicine, Miloslav Chernykh, explained to us how to turn them into an object of universal admiration.

What is the most important point brides often overlook when planning their wedding look?

The dream of any girl is well-groomed shiny hair like from the cover of a glossy magazine. And beauty, as you know, begins with health. Therefore, it is best to start preparation with a visit to a trichologist. After all, the quality and quantity of hair is his primary concern. So, it is in his power to give the strands the desired gloss with the help of individually selected procedures for strengthening and restoration. The best option is to visit the clinic a few months before the ceremony. This approach guarantees the maximum visual effect from the treatment course recommended by the doctor. To prevent potential hair problems, I recommend having a routine check-up with a trichologist at least once a year.

Nevertheless, if there is only a week left before the celebration, then a visit to the doctor will also not be superfluous, because in his arsenal there are many specialized spa care programs that will make the bride’s hair the most attractive and hassle-free in styling.

What exactly should be done in advance?

Topping my list of pre-wedding treatments is the KIS keratin biostructuring session, which is based on the unique Keratin Infusion System, which consists of record-low molecular weight keratin nanomolecules, which allows them to penetrate the very heart of the hair and deeply moisturize and saturate it with keratin. The effect is noticeable after the first procedure: hair gains additional volume, becomes denser and delights with natural shine. If we are talking about course treatment, mesotherapy and plasmolifting of the scalp are unconditionally leading here. In the first case, with the help of microinjections of biologically active substances, dormant bulbs are awakened and the hair follicles are actively supplied with all the necessary vitamins and microelements.

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cops. In addition to the saturation of skin cells with nutrients, acupuncture points on the head are stimulated. The result is the normalization of the activity of the sebaceous glands, a noticeable improvement in the structure and quality of hair and the return of natural shine. As a rule, no more than 10-12 procedures are prescribed with a frequency of once a week.

To stimulate growth, prevent hair loss and reduce hair section and brittleness, there is nothing better than plasmolifting, which, by the way, is one of the most effective procedures in trichology today. The result of the course is an increase in hair density, restoring elasticity and slowing down the aging process of the scalp. Most often, mesotherapy and plasma lifting are prescribed together and combined depending on the desired result. Usually, at least five to six clinic visits are required.

What if there is no time left for such a thorough approach?

If the bride needs to be in full dress tomorrow, I advise you to pay attention to the ELIOCAP lifting treatment – hair restoration with nourishing serums using ultrasound and infrared rays. In simple terms, this procedure quickly and permanently transforms weakened dull strands into a mirror smooth surface of healthy and elastic hair. This means you can change hairstyles and play with style on the day of the ceremony? And? During the honeymoon as often as you wish. Beautiful, bold and everyone’s envy. W

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Interview: Daria Biryukova

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