5 best sos remedies: for the morning (and all day) of the bride

5 best sos remedies: for the morning (and all day) of the bride

Today, almost every bride entrusts her wedding makeup to professionals. But it is equally important to properly prepare the skin for its application and then maintain an impeccable image throughout the entire celebration. How to do this and what tools should you use? We share the tips of the best makeup artists to keep the bride’s makeup fresh and attractive.


It’s no secret that stress, lack of sleep or poor diet primarily affects the eye area. Therefore, it is best to start the bride’s morning with the use of moisturizing patches under the eyes, for example, with hyaluronic acid. They will smooth out creases and wrinkles, giving the look a fresh and rested look.


Wedding makeup artist Ekaterina Khokhlova advises using a microcurrent massager before applying makeup. The procedure can be done independently after cleansing the skin in the morning, apply a tonic, then a special gel or serum and start a massage. In just a few minutes of work, the skin will noticeably renew, the swelling will subside and the face will become fresh and ruddy.

You can also use the roller massager after applying the serum or cream. It has a similar effect, making facial features more defined and sculpted.


Many makeup artists prefer thermal water to make-up fixers and use it not only as a finishing touch, but also in the process. Salts and minerals in the water provide strong adhesion to all layers of makeup, making it incredibly long-lasting. Thermal water should be applied in layers after each step: base, foundation and fixing powder. And, of course, with its help you can refresh your makeup during the day at any time.

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The bride’s makeup goes through difficult tests with numerous kisses and hugs, tears of happiness, sometimes even heat, rain and other unpleasant weather conditions. To keep the makeup fresh, makeup artist Nadezhda Khwan advises using not dense textures when creating it, but lighter toning agents – tints. With their help, you can create the effect of kissed lips and a fresh blush, the color can be easily enhanced or shaded, as well as correct makeup at any time.


Anna Merkusheva, national makeup artist of Make Up For Ever, considers an absolute must-have in a bride’s makeup bag – a concealer with a light texture. It is useful when creating makeup to even out the complexion and hide skin imperfections. During the celebration, with a concealer with a built-in applicator, you can independently correct the tone, “erase” redness, irregularities, allergic reactions, so that the bride looks perfect on wedding photos even without Photoshop.

Text: Anastasia Kokovikhina.

Photo: Yann Audic.

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