10 myths: about wedding makeup and hairstyles

10 myths: about wedding makeup and hairstyles

Every girl on her wedding day dreams of being the most beautiful bride. The desire is clear, the task is doable. The main thing is to enlist the help and support of a professional wedding stylist. Sasha Yesenina, wedding stylist, winner of the Wedding Style & Beauty Awards in the category “Best Wedding Hair Stylist”, co-founder of Esse Beauty Studio, dispelled the most popular myths about makeup and hairstyles for Wedding readers.

5 most common wedding makeup misconceptions

MYTH: Wedding makeup is a special kind of makeup.

This is the most popular wedding make up myth. Any makeup can be wedding, but there are some nuances. Most often it is performed with persistent means, because it must hold out flawlessly all day, and is done taking into account the fact that the bride will be photographed in different light. And not every make-up artist can handle such subtleties, namely the wedding stylist.

MYTH: Wedding makeup should be gentle, romantic.

I am against any framework and restrictions. The bride can be gentle, bright, sensual, fatal, sexy, luxurious, elegant … Absolutely different! The main thing is that the image is in harmony with her inner state.

MYTH: Wedding makeup should be bright to be visible in the photo and to all guests.

Another common misconception. My opinion: every bride wants to be beautiful both in the reflection of the mirror and in the photo, but for this it is absolutely not necessary to do intense dark makeup. Even nude makeup can be spectacular and expressive. It is also worth remembering that any makeup looks more contrasting with a white dress.

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MYTH: Focus on the eyes or on the lips

This belief has long been irrelevant. But it is worth considering the natural color type: if you are a bright brunette with expressive eyes, then you are allowed both bright lips and bright eyes. But for fair girls with bright lips, I would recommend limiting themselves only to arrows.

MYTH: Red lipstick is not acceptable.

Yes, there are certain difficulties with red lips: you will have to carefully monitor the makeup of the lips and it is also better to refrain from passionate kisses with the groom. However, if you want and red lipstick fits the concept of a wedding, then why not ?!

5 common misconceptions about wedding hairstyles

MYTH: If the dress is fluffy, then the hair should be voluminous.

Optional! See how graceful and sophisticated the images of brides look in fluffy dresses with knotted hairstyles. The volume in the hairstyle “depends” not only on the splendor of the dress, but also on the general concept of the wedding, on the oval of the face and, of course, on the wishes of the bride.

MYTH: The more hairspray, the longer the hairstyle will last.

The amount of varnish does not guarantee durability. If you overload your loose hair with styling products, it will become heavy, and the curls will hold on even worse than if you do not use varnish at all. In collected hairstyles, durability is more influenced by how the master prepared the hair and fixed the invisibility. If the hairstyle was initially made unreliable, then apply at least a whole bottle of varnish in the final, but this will not save the situation.

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MYTH: Hair holds up better if you don’t wash your hair for a couple of days.

Volume in hairstyles and styling can only be achieved with clean hair! Contaminated roots both look bad and interfere with creating ease and mobility in laying.

MYTH: Don’t cut your hair for as long as possible to keep your hair length

The basis of any beautiful hairstyle is well-groomed hair. Moreover, they can be absolutely any length. A good master will make a beautiful hairstyle even on a square. Shorter and healthy hair is better than long hair with dry and split ends.

MYTH: If a hairstyle is not felt, then it will soon fall apart.

A properly done hairstyle should not be felt on the head and should not cause you any discomfort. You can feel heaviness and pain due to a pair of incorrectly attached invisibles, which will pull several hairs behind them, but certainly do not affect the durability of the hairstyle.

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Text: Tatiana Yezhova.

Photo: Nastya Nikolaeva, Lena Volotova.

Muah: Sasha Yesenina.

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