Palindrom: "You don’t go like that, like a vchora, with a mood and a glance at what you say"

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A member of the rap-gurt Chapter 94 Stepan Burban, vidomy under the pseudonym Coughing Ed, who has seen his other solo pop-album "Stini Mayut Vuha" under the moniker Palindrom. Lyric, special, romantic, with soft lamp-like sounds and, at least, the rustle of magnetic beating on the back aphid. About those, the texts, the present and the natchnennya, Stepan rozpov in a short blitz-interview.

Tell me more about yourself. If you are playing music for the first time? Who is it from all the viconauts having infused that musical gusto on your mind?

Music I tsіkavsya from early childhood, as і all children, albeit brothers are more serious about music, and how to navigate fanatically, then it was believed in rotsi 2001-2002, Mabut. I will look at the film by Oleksiy Balabanov "Brother-2", the main hero of hearing the non-mainstream music of the victim's space. I zakokhavsya in the image of Danil Bagrov and after reading until I hear that music, yaku feel at the film. The poses brought fewer talented collectives and artists. Likewise, in 2003, I took a cassette from my older susid Roman, who is alive two on top, below. Todi won after me, the 9-rider at the Metallica St Anger football, and this is how our musical friendship was established. Zgrubsha, Roman and Balabanov sowed those nasinya at my brain.

Ty pam'yata зsh moment, if it’s sound, what is the rap itself?

I remember the moment of assimilating my worship in music and zokrem in repi. Rik 2011, together with a friend Igor, a partner in "Chapter 94", we played our first battle in life, the emotion boules were unrepeatable. As soon as I remember this, I am singing by us and recognized in the eyes of my colleagues in the shop.

Why would you like to start a solo project and what Palindrom will see from Food, soloist of "Glavi 94"?

I have no specifics on the food "what?" It’s for me to be built, a chain of non-interference, a natural process. I wore such music (yak Palindrom) in my sob already even more, and it’s too little to know a place in reality. Palindrome – all those are musical, romantic and existential at me, and Ed – tse brutal and loud. Likewise, in cich іpostases, everything is stylistic. Palindrome is cold, dark and danceable, and Ed is more nautical like a zmist, thinking more, less demand, so it’s not dancing.

Turtleneck, FINCH. Shirt, pants, panama, THEO

Why did you pick such a pseudonym?

To that I turn back for the principle of palindromes.

I will grow the product independently, from sliv to cliffs. Is it important to you and why don't you get a command? Not doviryash?

Do not expect me myself. In some moments є people who are helping with the musical warehouse and visual, but all my friends. We have a bigger picture of a fan, anizh, a serious, large-scale robot.

The texts of "Chapter 94" are zhorstkishi, "on the topic of the day." Palindrome is big lyric, instrumental, mirilivy. What kind of images are you near? Chi in both references?

Tse I'm in a kind of vipad, unaffected by aesthetics. In life for the skin period of music, I am normal. The schoranka doesn’t go like that, like a vchora, with a mindset and a glance at what speeches are like. With the music in me it is so.

Will Palindrome have a solo concert?

Concerts will be, obviously, ale without specifics.

Why do you have a video of a post-vikoristovush archivnі kadri? Nostalgia?

Zagalom, it befits me to follow the narrative with my sound, to which an absolutely new emotion is emerging, one at the beginning is still called the third. I often use such methods. It’s a theme of cich narizok, I don’t think of it a lot, it’s out of the concept of my two albums, the retrospective itself begs for a shot. At me we will have passed, if the warmth has vanished, i, will come, we will have passed, which I have not experienced, i.e. Mozhlivo, tse yakis pershi signs of paramnesis, this is the sign. In a word, it’s like I’m thinking, I’m an archival archivist for my videos, because I want to eat in hours, de-hammering socialism and it smelled like a cowbus of 2.20, then you have mercy.

In 2019, I wrote the soundtrack to the film about Vasil Stus. Vie yogo was also played in one of the tracks "Chapter 94". Does the Ukrainian singing of your love?

I love Mikola Kholodny, Antonich, Pavlichka and Ivan Kovalenka. And Stus yak is a symbol of egolessness for me, more, just sings and the master of the pen. Bulo duzhe really wants to dota a mother a hundred and a half to yogo creativity.

THEO jacket, trousers and T-shirt, glasses – the property of the stylist, shoes – the property of the hero

Who else are Ukrainian writers and editors? Who should be like you?

Vlasne, as a brother of prose, I read a lot from the Ukrainian literature. Before reading the novel "Doctor Seraphikus" by Viktor Domontovich and early Lyubko Deresh, Raju.

And what about the lucky Ukrainian musicians?

The dress of the black metal group White Ward is the claptrap to spoil the music in the same way, like on me.
Sasha Bul is a cowboy that country-spivak from Dnistra. It also befits the music and svitoglyad Johnny Zbaraski, like a bag near Lviv.

Jacket, shorts, FINCH, shirt, Elena BURENINA

Yak slipping a lockdown on you? Yak ty yogo provіv with yaky viyshov visnovki?

I spent yo in a quiet house with a cat and a wonderful woman, and also ride on the rover, until you have your own place. In principle, I did not see any drastic changes before the hour of quarantine, so it is important to work like a visnovka.

Do you nadihaє at once?

My dim and everything that I have survived that I have seen to my infidels 26. I, at first, a little child, circled myself with tsykavi speeches, nibi meek little toys, stink me and cheat.

What are you hearing? What's in your current playlist?

Having not heard music for a long time, it’s fair to say, but the rest of the Norwegian team Ulver, good old Dolphin and іndastral hip-hop from America Dälek.

"Stini Mayut Vuha" is a whole other studio album. First, "About this year, tomorrow is that vchora" (2019), with the assignments of your grandmother. To whom is the assignment different?

The other is not assigned to anyone, but to the new one – the image and the woman, the Lvov, and my fears, thoughts, too.
As the first album is conceptually everything is zbirka, then the whole work is complete and complete. After reading the track "Suvenir" – and starting the process of accumulating thoughts and ideas. The recording of the album is trivial in 2 tizhnі, zgrubsha, in the shortening traditions of the 90s, if є lіmіtovany hour at the studio and the demand for development is more audible and hіdne. Most of the tracks I wrote from scratch in the process of quiet two times. The whole album for me is not deprived of a kind of musical tvir, but a singing performance of its own kind for one glance – a listener, me. Help the progress of this album be as important as the new one.

Yakby, you were prompted to record a spilny track іf be a musician to the light, who would you pick?

Singingly, with Shuroy, Rostik and Kuzma here in Novoyavorivska zrazka 93. If you were to be built, you could record good music at once.

THEO jacket, trousers and T-shirt, glasses – the property of the stylist, shoes – the property of the hero

From the house of history about those who were brought up with the producer alyona alyona. Ale, in our hour, it is important to see us without a producer, advertising, hype. Yak in you the strategy of development?

I don’t want to, abi tsya history was speculative from my voice, so I try more about it not to tell. As long as I may not think about strategy, letting go of the Olympus to the mainstream, I cringe. I love to create music, and my head is full, there is no more music there.

Ty leaning on the director, why is there a world of cinema in you?

I will name it very importantly, but on the mark є, if I get to the realization.

THEO jacket, trousers and T-shirt, glasses – the property of the stylist, shoes – the property of the hero

Give me joy: why should a young artist be asked?

The young artist needs to feel good with the hands of his young artist all over the place, turn over, so win, that artist. Bo yaksho pinoplast – raju shukati іnshoi fun. As soon as you see it, try to tune in those who see it, and if you are happy, trim that rover, friends. I know it's not respectful for you to look like this, but you don't have to pay for the price – and the thrill!

Above the zyomkoy, they praised:

Photographer: Evgeniy Belov

Stylist: Varvara Barto

Grooming: Marya Reutova

Producer: Diana Melnikova

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