Model Inessa Lee about the peculiarities of life in California

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Model and singer Inessa Lee moved to California from Ukraine 12 years ago to participate in the Models Around the World show. During this time, the Golden State became a second home for her. Inessa told L'Officiel about what the Californian lifestyle is.

Anyone can live the Californian way. The main thing is to be imbued with a sunny mentality and love for nature. After all, most of the time the residents of the state spend in the fresh air. They love beach holidays, mountain hiking and cycling. I always start my day by exercising in my backyard or walking. This is our second month at Palm Springs. During this time, I taught myself to swim in the pool in the morning. This gives a tremendous boost of vivacity. However, like most Californians, I drink decaffeinated coffee because I am conscious of my diet. It is fashionable to live a healthy lifestyle, exercise and eat organic products. We try to buy only farm vegetables and fruits to avoid the use of pesticides and other chemicals. The best organic stores are Trader Joes and Whole Foods. There are specialty foods for vegans, gluten-free diets and sugar-free sweets.

It is not accepted here to be fashionable in everyday life. Moderation in clothing, but at the same time having your own style, is welcomed by the inhabitants of the Golden State. Here they are greeted by intelligence, not by appearance. Awards, professional achievements, and high-value real estate are important indicators of success. The make of the car you drive does not play a special role here either. The main thing is that you are friendly, well educated and know your business.

Californian women have one small weakness – they constantly go to the salon for manicure and pedicure. A post-run manicure is a ritual like morning coffee. Careful self-care is a wonderful habit of local ladies.

California is not by chance the richest state. Small business is very thriving here. And almost every second graduate considers it his duty to create a startup. The spirit of freedom and entrepreneurship is literally in the air. When I fly to California, a lot of business ideas and plans for their implementation come to mind.

Locals love to meet colleagues at Starbucks and discuss business plans over a cup of coffee. Californians are constantly exchanging information and the latest news. For this, interest clubs are created, where professionals in a particular field gather.

Residents of California lead a fairly secular lifestyle. They often gather at movie premieres in Hollywood, spend time with a glass of wine and meet interesting people for future collaboration.

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