Your engagement ring personality: find out what his style says about you

Your engagement ring personality: find out what his style says about you

Do you appreciate proven classics or the latest trends? Refinement or shocking? Do you prefer your favorite clothes in your wardrobe or are you always ready to buy something new? By the way, an engagement ring can also say a lot about your character. Want to check it out?

The Classic Bride is a classic round diamond ring.

Round brilliant is the most popular stone in engagement rings. The classic cut has 58 facets that give the diamond a magical shine. Ideal for a bride who values ‚Äč‚Äčtradition and timeless style.

Chopard ring

The modern bride is a princess-cut diamond ring.

The rectangular stone makes the ring fashionable and original. A great choice for a bride with a modern take on style and relationships.

De Beers ring

Brave Bride – emerald cut diamond ring.

The emerald cut makes the diamond look larger. Such a ring is suitable for a girl who loves to surprise and is a fan of vintage style.

Chopard ring

Romantic bride – cushion-cut diamond ring.

The unusual cushion cut gets its name from the rounded corners and curved sides, which make the stone smoother than a princess cut diamond, but not too round. An ideal choice for a feminine, delicate and romantic girl.

Ring Mercury

The Leader Bride is a radiant cut diamond ring.

This cut is based on “emerald”, and additional facets give the stone a special shine. This ring is not for a shy woman, it is best suited to a sociable and strong-willed person.

Ring Graff

The Star Bride is a heart-cut diamond ring.

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The heart is a symbol of love and romance, a very unusual cut. This ring will appeal to girls who like to stand out from the crowd and catch admiring glances.

Harry Winston ring

An exquisite bride – a ring with an oval diamond.

An oval diamond can have as many facets as a round, which means it can sparkle just as well. It is an elegant and regal stone, perfect for brides who know their own worth, who dream of an unusual, exclusive ring.

Harry Winston ring

Dramatic Bride – Marquis cut diamond ring.

Because of their shape, marquise cut diamonds often appear larger than they actually are. The cut visually increases the weight of the diamond and lengthens the fingers, and therefore suits the artistic and sensual nature.

Ring Mercury

Independent Bride – pear cut diamond ring.

A pear-shaped diamond (sometimes also called a “drop” or “tear”) is a hybrid of an oval cut and a marquise. A very rare stone for engagement rings. Jewelry in such a sophisticated and at the same time bold style visually lengthens the fingers and will appeal to a strong-willed and independent girl who relies solely on her taste and does not blindly follow fashion.

Ring Mercury

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