Wellness breakfast: held at Lotte Hotel

Wellness breakfast: held at Lotte Hotel

This week, Wedding magazine invited top wedding planners, hosts and decorators at Lotte Hotel for a wellness breakfast – Detox for the mind.

The event took place in the presidential suite at the Lotte Hotel Moscow. The special guest of the breakfast was Dr. Manoj Kutteri, wellness director of the retreat at Atmantan Wellness Resort (India). He told the guests how to deal with stress, increase personal efficiency, improve cognitive abilities of the brain and live a more fulfilling life in the rhythms of the metropolis.

Manoj Cutteri believes that it is very important to start with the nutritional system. Therefore, he began his lecture with a list of foods that should be excluded from your diet (coffee, dairy products), and vice versa, those foods that should often be consumed in the diet (cauliflower, walnuts, broccoli). This is important because it has been proven that our diet directly affects our inner state and mood. Dr. Manoj Cutteri then introduced the guests to several quick and effective breathing techniques to improve brain function.

The event was attended by: Inna Faleva (We Do Agency), Mikhail Belyanin, Alexander Belov, Anastasia Sokolova (Celebrate it!), Ekaterina Senchenko (Run the Show), Alexander Belov (Tobelove), Inna Volkova (Mrs. Max Wed Bureau), Nadezhda Skripova (About you Decor), Oksana Dribas (OKO.events) and others.

Photographer: Artur Poghosyan.

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