Wedding venue: Uhvat restaurant

Wedding venue: Uhvat restaurant

An unusual venue for a wedding or gala dinner can be the Moscow restaurant Uhvat, which is located on the territory of the Trekhgornaya Manufactory. The spacious design hall with large panoramic windows and a vaulted ceiling, decorated with five spectacular chandeliers from Gus-Khrustalny, imitating clouds, can accommodate up to 120 guests in a banquet format and up to 170 in a buffet table. In addition to the existing banquet menu, you can choose a menu-constructor by yourself composing it from the dishes that are prepared in the restaurant.

The heart and main feature of Uhvat is the open kiln shop. Russian stoves were built specifically for the institution according to a unique project that combines centuries-old traditions and bold innovations.

Photo: press materials.

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