Wedding Venue: Uhvat Restaurant

Wedding Venue: Uhvat Restaurant

The cuisine of the Uhvat restaurant is based on the best Russian traditions, multiplied by modern technologies. Having carefully studied the peculiarities of the languishing technique and collecting knowledge about the art of stove, here you will be treated and amazed.

At Uhvat, food is truly stewed in the oven, simmered for 6, 12 and even 18 hours! This traditional, undeservedly forgotten way of cooking will give you a fresh perspective on food.

The guests of the restaurant are ready for a gastronomic experience: original dishes, interesting presentation, as well as the opportunity to watch the stages of cooking in a wood-fired oven. Stoves are the heart of Uhvat restaurant. An open furnace shop with three large Russian furnaces that can operate in three modes at once. It is in them that all dishes are fried, languished and baked. Each oven has its own name.

The talented chef Viktor Beley, who recently won gold at the prestigious international culinary competition Bocuse d’Or Russia (“Golden Bocuse”), has developed an author’s menu – 80% of dishes are prepared using oven technologies and Russian traditions, but in a unique gastronomic presentation. Dishes from Viktor Beley will not leave anyone indifferent.

Hits: buckwheat porridge with red caviar and pearl barley porridge with chicken, daily cabbage soup and borscht, baked lamb and kid, as well as sterlet in Thursday salt – the fish is served whole. And, of course, all kinds of pies and freshly baked bread. And also cheese and butter are smelted here, milk is heated. Russian cuisine in all its splendor and variety!

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The interior of Uhvat has preserved the architecture of the 1799 Trekhgornaya Manufaktura textile factory building and restored the huge windows located on three sides of the hall. That is why it is so light. And in the evening, the original chandeliers from Gus-Khrustalny, imitating clouds, light up. Comfortable furniture and baked milk-colored walls fill the stylish atmosphere with coziness. The hall area – 350 m2 – allows you to seat up to 150 people or arrange a buffet table for 200 guests.

A wedding is a celebration that guests should remember with trepidation, joy and admiration. Uhvat guarantees bright emotions, professional service and a real hospitable feast. The banquet menu meets the tastes of the most discerning gourmets. Dreaming of a “Russian Wedding” – come to Uhvat. Planning a celebration in the style of “Winter’s Tale” – here you will be helped to make any of your ideas a reality. Get a taste of life at Uhvat Restaurant!

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