Wedding horoscope: bridal bouquet by zodiac sign

Wedding horoscope: bridal bouquet by zodiac sign

A wedding bouquet is not only a tribute to tradition, but also a reflection of the bride’s character, style and taste. how to choose exactly those flowers that will emphasize your beauty and will not distract attention from the dress? We invite you to seek advice from the stars!

Wedding знает, какие цветы идеально дополнят свадебный образ и принесут удачу в самый важный день.

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Charismatic Aries dream that their wedding day will be remembered for a lifetime, so every detail of the image should be special. The bride’s bouquet is no exception. Before going to the florist, the representative of the sign will get acquainted with all fashion trends and think about accents in advance. Aries are easier than other signs to decide on bright colors and classic roses can easily prefer orchids or hydrangeas.

Council. Branches of an olive tree, buttercups, poppies, barberries, anemone will become a personal talisman on the wedding day.


Thoughtfulness and impeccable taste are the two main words that the Taurus bride is guided by when choosing a wedding bouquet. Most likely, her choice will fall on the most expensive or very rare flowers. And in her case, this will only be an advantage, because the bouquet should look luxurious, like the bride herself. Taurus should pay attention to peonies or peony roses, ranunculus, gladioli, calla lilies.

Council. Amulets will help to diversify the bouquet: lilac, jasmine, myrtle or daisies.


Choosing a bouquet can turn into a real adventure for Gemini, because they are used to changing decisions at the speed of light. Today the goal is a classic bouquet with no frills, and tomorrow – an extraordinary one, with succulents. It takes time for Gemini to settle on one thing.

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Council. To make the decision a win-win, you can stop at a composition of traditional flowers and a variety of greenery: spray roses and laurel, chamomile and branches with live berries.


Sensitive and romantic Cancers will take special care of their choice of colors. A bouquet for them is, first of all, a symbol of love and unity with a partner, so they will try to decorate it with flowers, with which they have many good memories. It is possible that Cancers will want to make a bouquet of wildflowers and complement it with sophisticated decorations in the form of brooches, ribbons or beads.

Council. White flowers such as orchids, water lilies, chamomile and lilies will help to express affection for the hearth.

a lion

Beautiful English roses are the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the proud and regal representatives of the sign, who so love to be in the spotlight. They will not miss the opportunity to demonstrate their sense of style, so the wedding bouquet will turn out to be unique and sophisticated in any case. Lions know how to combine noble flowers with greenery and herbs.

Council. With a high degree of probability, it is worth including saffron, lavender or mistletoe in the bouquet, which will protect against negativity and give a good mood.


The one who will think over his bouquet to the smallest detail is Virgo. She seems to be interested in everything: from flowers that will be the main in the bouquet to the decoration of the hall. Before choosing her florist, the Virgo bride will visit all the salons of the city. Only then will he find his ideal option. Most likely, it will be something classic, for example, roses combined with chrysanthemums or a composition of carnations and various greenery.

Council. Forget-me-nots, gladioli, camellias and shades of yellow in the bouquet will give you a little luck and positive emotions.


Libra loves when everything is beautiful. And the dress, and makeup, and a bouquet, and all the guests at the wedding. Therefore, the Libra bride will be happy to be puzzled not only with her bouquet, but also with the floral decoration of the entire holiday. Air signs are sensitive to fashion trends and can easily experiment with colors and shapes. Do not be surprised if the bride chooses sunflowers or orders a composition of cotton and eustoma.

Council. If you include white roses, hyacinths, freesias and violets in a bouquet, they will help to tune in to harmony.


Scorpios know exactly what they need. If in childhood they came up with peonies in the wedding look, believe me, it will be so. Scorpios suit red, and many brides choose red flowers for their bouquet, but it is better to dilute them with white – this combination symbolizes not only passion between partners, but also their affection.

Council. Representatives of the sign are prone to mysticism, they believe in “magic” plants. Sage will help them reduce their stress level, chrysanthemums will help them believe in themselves, and clover will help attract good luck.


Sagittarius love the holidays, so the Sagittarius bride will not only make a list of thousands of ideas for the celebration, but also come up with a bouquet that not every florist can collect. It will contain traditional wedding flowers, memorable decor, and exotic elements. And the exquisite bouquet, decorated with wild berries, or completely edible, will definitely delight her.

Council. Include flowers that awaken femininity and wisdom in the composition: mallow, red roses, hydrangeas and oriental lilies.


Confident and ambitious Capricorns appreciate when luxury is combined with restraint, and simplicity with sophistication. It is quite possible that the Capricorn bride will choose a delicate dress and complement it with a Marsala-colored bouquet, or, conversely, focus on a dress with accessories and pick up pastel-colored flowers for it. Whichever option she chooses, it will turn out flawless.

Council. Sometimes you should stop keeping everything under control, and this will help the branches of spruce plants, black poppy, amaranth, dahlias and belladonna.


Aquarians can choose a bouquet for several months, and then spontaneously buy it in the nearest salon. Unpredictability is one of their main features, which can be reflected by a boho-chic bouquet. This choice will be the best solution for the Aquarius bride – since the bouquet is made up of different flowers, it will not be difficult to change something at the last moment.

Council. The bouquet will look great asters, peonies, amaranths, pansies and bright decorative elements that symbolize the creative nature of Aquarius.


Dreamy Pisces appreciate sophistication in everything. Ideally, if the bouquet is delicate, without pretentious design and massive decorative elements. Pisces have a subtle sense of beauty and will pay attention not only to the appearance of flowers, but also to the aroma. That is why Pisces brides often choose bouquets of lilies of the valley, tulips and mimosa.

Council. Water lilies, orchids, lotus flowers, fern leaves and wild roses will be the most successful option for representatives of the water sign. They will harmoniously emphasize their femininity.

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