Wedding films: 15 films for brides and grooms

Wedding films: 15 films for brides and grooms

Wedding has handpicked 15 fun, touching and romantic wedding movies perfect for newlyweds.

“Mamma MIA!”

2008, USA

Cheerful and light musical “Mamma MIA!” filmed based on the theatrical production of the same name, based on the songs of the legendary group ABBA. The action takes place on a Greek island where the young beauty Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) lives with her mother Donna (Meryl Streep). The girl never saw her father and could not even find out his name. But when love comes into her life and preparations for a rapid wedding begin, Sophie decides to end the ridiculous secret. She is helped by the personal diary of her mother, who, as it turned out, was not at all distinguished by chastity in her youth. Sophie finds out that her father may be one of three men, but it is unrealistic to calculate one single one. Then the girl invites all three applicants to the wedding in order to figure out on the spot who will lead her to the altar.

“Father of the Bride”

1991, USA

A good old film about the Banks family, which is preparing to marry their beloved daughter. Mr. Banks (Steve Martin) adores daughter Kimberly and wishes her happiness. But he is gnawed by the feeling that after the wedding of the girl, whom he rocked in his arms, took to school, brought up, he himself would be considered a hopeless old man. For Kimberly, a wedding is a long-awaited holiday. For her father – a difficult test and a blow to the wallet. In addition to the wedding hassle and acceptance of his new status, Banks has to be nice and agreeable so as not to disgrace the family in front of those who are about to become his relatives – the groom and his parents. The situation escalates when a bewildered father almost spoils his daughter’s plans for a romantic wedding …

“A little married”

2012, USA

The engagement between Tom (Jason Siegel) and Violetta (Emily Blunt), to put it mildly, is slightly delayed. For five years now, lovers have not been able to get married: one thing, then another, then the third interferes. It all started with the fact that Violetta was offered a new job, and then the couple was waiting for a move from San Francisco to Michigan. As a result, the wedding was postponed indefinitely. All friends and relatives are looking forward to the wedding, and Tom and Violetta are still in no hurry. Every time when it comes to the wedding ceremony, more and more insurmountable obstacles arise on the way to the altar. Could it be that the feelings just cooled down? Will the heroes be able to cope with their problems and still put stamps in their passports?

“Groom for two”

2017, France

Light romantic comedy with a unique French humor. Matthias never cheats on his beloved girlfriend Alex. One time at a costume party doesn’t count. His accidental mistress Juliette leaves Matthias a business card, which after a couple of days falls into the hands of his soul mate. Alexa is preparing to throw a scandal until she reads the content of the found “compromising evidence”: it turns out that Juliet works as a wedding agent. Alexa happily accepts the marriage proposal and immediately contacts Juliette, who is now forced to organize a wedding for her lover. The situation is complicated by the fact that Juliette studied with Alexa in the same class and from childhood could not stand her.

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2010, USA

Sam is madly in love. But the problem is that the chosen one of an ardent young man Zoya (Uma Thurman) is much older than Sam and looks at the situation more realistically, and therefore is preparing to marry a more suitable candidate – an incredible handsome man and her peer Iota, before whom any woman could not resist … Everything is going according to plan: the date of the wedding is set, the couple begins to prepare for the ceremony. But Sam does not intend to concede his beloved to some Iota. The guy is sure that the only way to stop Zoya from a rash step is to appear at the wedding himself. And when she is unbalanced, in any way persuade her to change the groom. A very convenient plan, because now he and Zoya will not have to plan and prepare a wedding. He will simply take his place, for which for some reason Iot decided to claim …

“27 weddings”

2008, USA

The ever-busy beauty Jane (Katherine Heigl) is so mired in work and helping friends that she completely forgot about her personal life. All of her girlfriends are married long ago, and some already have children. Jane is very responsive, and therefore she is constantly invited to weddings as a bridesmaid. She cannot refuse anyone, and therefore there are already 27 bridesmaid dresses in her closet – exactly the number of weddings Jane has attended. Her sister is also going to get engaged, and with her boss Jane, with whom the latter is secretly in love. Jane decides to upset her sister’s wedding because she thinks her boss deserves more. At one of the weddings, she meets a nice guy who does not believe in this “stupid rite” and constantly makes fun of the young. After a while, Jane finds out that Kevin is a famous journalist who writes beautiful wedding essays under an assumed name, and she wakes up a real interest in the young man.

“Bachelorette Party in Vegas”

2011, USA

The main character Annie is unlucky in love and in life in general. The thirtieth birthday is behind, and there are continuous failures at work, and in addition to everything, the guy leaves the girl. The only pleasant event promises to be the upcoming wedding of Lillian’s close friend, where Annie is to act as a bridesmaid. But here, too, failures follow one after another, and the list of things to do before the holiday turns out to be far from short. Trying her best to give her friend an unforgettable bachelorette party, Annie thinks of nothing better than going to Las Vegas. And what six untethered ladies are capable of on such an adventurous trip, even they themselves cannot predict.

“My Big Greek Wedding-2”

2016, USA

A sequel to the 2002 romantic comedy about the adventures of the Portokalos family. In the happy family of Tula and Yana, daughter Paris is growing up. Surprisingly, she dreams of exactly the same thing that Tula dreamed of at her age: to go away from the advice of her huge annoying relatives and be free. One day Paris simply confronts the family with a fact: she finishes school and leaves to study in college and live in a hostel. Grandfather cannot understand this: he was sure that his granddaughter would marry a Greek and make him happy with great-grandchildren. And besides, in the midst of a family quarrel, it turns out that many, many years ago, at the great Greek wedding of Jan and Tula, the priest forgot to put his signature on the marriage certificate … A fake marriage is an unbearable phenomenon for those who respect the traditions of the Greeks. This means that the family is waiting for another wedding and another riotous feast, and Tula and Yan will again feel like young newlyweds.

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“Married for 2 days”

2012, France

The film is about a difficult romantic relationship in which the blonde beauty Isabelle (Diane Kruger) was drawn. Believing in the ancestral curse in the female line and not wanting to repeat the fate of her predecessors, whose first marriage was always unsuccessful, she decides to deceive fate in an unusual way. Instead of her boyfriend, she marries the sweet idiot Jean Yves, whom she accidentally met on the plane. According to her idea, everything should have ended very quickly: got married, divorced, but fate, as usual, sets its own rules.

“Big wedding”

2013, USA

A fun comedy with a huge number of star actors: Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon, Robin Williams, as well as Katherine Heigl, Topher Grace and Ben Barnes. Spouses Don and Ellie Griffin have raised a large family long ago, and now they live separately from each other, as they “do not digest” their exes. Their adopted son Alejandro was about to get married, and his real mother decided to attend this holy performance. The situation is complicated by the fact that the mother from Colombia considers divorce to be a mortal sin, and it will be a real blow for her to learn that her son was raised by sinners. At a family dinner, the children invite Don and Ellie to become spouses again for the weekend, pretending to love each other. Don is forced to send his passion to Bebe McBride to create the appearance of a happy family.

“Friend of the bride”

2008, USA

Tom (Patrick Dempsey) and Hannah (Michelle Monaghan) are longtime friends, they have known each other for almost ten years. Over the years, they have experienced a lot and know each other better than the most dear people. And here in Hannah’s life the very meeting happens that leads straight to the wedding: now Tom has already received an invitation to the celebration. And, of course, he cannot be an ordinary guest. Tom will replace all the bridesmaids and become the third chief at the wedding – the bride’s friend. Suddenly Tom realizes that he is in love with his own best friend, and earlier only natural modesty prevented him from admitting. Should I get in the way of Hannah’s happiness? Moreover, her groom is not only good-looking, but also rich. Unhappy Tom will have to make a decision as quickly as possible, because he has no more ten years left.

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“How to Marry a Bachelor”

2018, USA

Fate brings Frank (Keanu Reeves) and Lindsay (Winona Ryder) together at the airport. The conversation begins with mutual compliments, but literally a minute later it develops into a heated argument – all because Lindsay caught Frank in trying to get through to registration without a queue. Both exhale, thinking that they will never meet again, but that was not the case: first they find themselves on the neighboring seats on the plane, and then they completely realize that they are flying to the same wedding. The clarification of the relationship continues in the air, then in a taxi and a hotel – it seems that someone deliberately made it so that they were everywhere together. And if at first the heroes don’t really like it, after a few hours they realize that some benefit can be derived from this: at this celebration of life, both feel superfluous and, in order to somehow have fun, they begin to wash the bones of the guests of the party. So gradually it turns out that Frank and Lindsay do have something in common.

“License for marriage”

2007, USA, Australia

Ben (John Krasinski) has a crush on Sadie (Mandy Moore) and is about to propose with his family during her parents’ wedding anniversary. The bride wants the wedding to take place in the local church, which is of great importance to her. However, the Reverend Frank Dorman (Robin Williams), who is to marry them, has a pre-marriage course for every couple. For the relationship of lovers, this will be the main test.


2009, USA

Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) is an executive editor of a large publishing house in New York, a highly professional and at the same time oppressive and arrogant top manager who, although respected by his subordinates, is not loved and afraid. Completely forgetting that she is a Canadian citizen, Margaret inadvertently overstays her American work visa. As a result, she will be deported to her homeland. To avoid this, Margaret decides to marry her assistant Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds). True, she will have to pass a check at the immigration office, where they have to answer all sorts of tricky questions about each other, and therefore she urgently needs to get acquainted with the Andrew family – millionaires with a peasant soul from Alaska. So you have to seriously build yourself up as a couple …

“Four weddings and one funeral”

1994, UK

We conclude our selection with a classic wedding movie – a romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant. At 32, the English intellectual Charles is still unmarried. Any of his bridesmaids, whom he left alone with enviable consistency, would not mind being in the rank of a bride. But marriage, for some unknown reason, scares Charles, and he continues to search until he meets “the same” girl at a friend’s wedding.

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