Wedding Awards Chernozemye 2019: award results

Wedding Awards Chernozemye 2019: award results

On November 17, 2019, the fifth Anniversary Wedding Awards Chernozemye 2019 took place at the Voronezh Marriott Hotel.

Wedding Awards Chernozemye 2019 in numbers:

– 12 members of the jury;

– 28 experts from the region;

– 129 participants;

– 26 nominations.

# WACH2019 Winners

Opening 2019: @wedding_anikeeva.

Hotel for a wedding: @voronezhmarriott.

City wedding venue: @saburovhall.

Country area for weddings: @yarvoronezh.

Breakthrough 2019: @wedding_anikeeva.

Event for newlyweds: @yarvoronezh.

Event for professionals # takeoff for 1 year: @salovpro.

Bridal bouquet: @tyuilri_decor_studio.

Wedding accessories / printing: @eklyuwedding.

Wedding Hair Stylist: @ boka3470.

Wedding Makeup Artist: @ vari.mari.vik.

Artist for a wedding: @nestroynie.

Wedding master of ceremonies: @salovpro.

Love story video: @dmitrkryl.

Wedding salon: @svetlana_zaitseva_.

Wedding pastry chef: @natasha_dushkin.

Wedding frame: @pronyaevg.

Wedding videographer: @yosemitefilms.

Couple of the year: @eva_brait and Dmitry Ryabkin.

Wedding photographer: @yansylka.

Wedding presenter: @babkinsergei.

Wedding decorations: @tyuilri_decor_studio.

Wedding of the Year: @stories_decor.

Wedding Agency / Wedding Planner: @karuna_wedding.

Person of 2019: @irakli_todua.

Wedding magazine expresses its gratitude to the official representative of the Wedding Awards Chernozemye 2019, organizer, director Evgenia Vazhnichei.

Photo: Dmitry Malafeev, Semyon Prokhorov.

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