Royal wedding: remembering the wedding image of Grace Kelly

Royal wedding: remembering the wedding image of Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly, the favorite of millions, today could be 90 years old. Grace Kelly is one of the main fashion icons of the last century. Wedding recalls her wedding image, which undoubtedly went down in history.

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Celebrity Ring: Grace Kelly.

Grace Kelly’s engagement

Favorite Dior dress, which Grace Kelly chose for her engagement

Christian Dior was Grace Kelly’s favorite designer, she owned about 100 Dior dresses. By the way, it was in the Dior dress that Grace Kelly was at the festive evening dedicated to the engagement. A dress with a floral applique on the elevator is one of Grace Kelly’s favorite outfits.

Grace Kelly Wedding Dress

The wedding of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III of Monaco took place on April 19, 1956. Grace Kelly was married in the dress of Metro Goldwyn costume designer Helen Rose. For the wedding dress, Helen Rose and her team used 18 meters of silk, 23 meters of silk taffeta, 90 meters of silk tulle and over 270 meters of Valencienne lace. Grace Kelly did not have to pay for the wedding dress, all the costs of the dress were covered by Metro Goldwyn Mayer. The dress consisted of an underskirt of wide lace frills, a taffeta corset with 30 buttons, a fluffy top skirt with a silk sash. The cost of the outfit was 1.7 million rubles. On the edge of Grace Kelly’s veil were two doves. Designer Helen Rose emphasized this: they are lovebirds, symbolizing long-term happiness.

In addition to the wedding dress, Helen Rose also made a pink taffeta dress with lace for the civil ceremony.

Grace Kelly Bouquet

Grace Kelly chose a miniature bouquet of lilies of the valley – a great option for a bride’s bouquet.

Grace Kelly Shoes

Grace Kelly’s wedding shoes were designed by David Evans. These were white shoes with a small heel, decorated with lace and beads. David Evans printed Grace’s name on the insole for the left shoe, and his trademark on the right.

Photo: press materials, Instagram.

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