Mercury Retrograde Wedding: Astrologer’s Tips

Mercury Retrograde Wedding: Astrologer’s Tips

Astrologer Dmitry Ermolaev told Wedding about the period of Mercury retrograde, explained whether it should be feared, whether it is possible to go on dates, accept proposals and organize a wedding during this period. And also said the dates of Mercury retrograde for 2020.

It’s not a secret for anyone that the time of Mercury retrograde is now in the starry sky (from October 31 to November 21). A retrograde planet is a planet that is moving in the opposite direction. And since it moves in that direction, it will backfire. Mercury is responsible for communications, finances, relationships, intelligence, attention and our actions.

Changing its movement, Mercury also affects people, they begin to make mistakes, quarrel and even become stupid. Mercury is in the sign of Libra, this is the 7th zodiac sign, responsible for the 7th astrological house, which is just responsible for relationships. And it is during the period of Mercury retrograde that it is strongly discouraged to play weddings, engagements and weddings.

When newlyweds are planning a wedding, they make family plans for life, once and for all, and in an unfavorable period for legalizing a relationship, any planning is fraught with negative consequences. It’s good if you and your chosen one are knowledgeable in astrology or at least understand a little about it. Such knowledge will help your couple avoid many mistakes and, just during the periods of Mercury retrograde, control yourself, your words and actions, which will help strengthen and maintain the union.

And as for dating in the period of Mercury retrograde, then, of course, you can enjoy them, remembering that in cases of a partner’s arrogance, you need to try to meet him halfway and be more delicate with him. If you have already scheduled your Mercury retrograde wedding this year, don’t be discouraged, because there are two whole dates for the neutralization of Mercury, namely November 8 and 14.

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Mercury retrograde dates for 2020:

February 17 – March 10;

June 18 – July 12;

October 14 – November 3.

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