Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding: experts comment on the royal wedding

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding: experts comment on the royal wedding

On August 4, Meghan Markle celebrates her birthday. Meghan Markle turns 38. We join in the congratulations! And remember the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, which took place on May 19 last year. The celebration has undoubtedly gone down in history, and we asked leading wedding agencies for their comments on the royal wedding.

Lilia Gorlanova (Wedding agency Gorlanova Event)

“At the ceremony, I was especially moved by their emotionality at the moment when they met at the altar.

I was very pleased with the choice of Megan’s dress. I’m a fan of minimalism and clean lines. I think that all the brides watched with bated breath as they straighten a multi-meter veil with embroidery around this laconic dress. And, I think, Megan’s stray hair was not accidental – she harmoniously completed this image and added sincerity to it.

In this wedding (which was carried out in compliance with the etiquette of the royal family), you can get a lot of ideas, even for non-royal events. I especially liked the words spoken in the church – they will be appropriate at all times. “

Ksenia Afanasyeva (Ksenia Afanasyeva Wedding Agency)

“Despite the fact that Megan and Harry’s wedding was much more modest than that of Kate and William, she is an absolute role model – the standard of royal weddings. Brides can look at the Duchess’s veil as an example for themselves – Megan had a very worthy one …

I was embarrassed that Megan had done her makeup on her own, and, in my opinion, the hairstyle was not done very well – her hair was knocked out of the bun.

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As for the ceremony itself, it was quite large-scale – lush, beautiful, with an abundance of greenery and flowers, but still lacked the special luxury inherent in royal weddings. However, it should be borne in mind that this was the wedding of Charles’s second son, and Megan will become not a princess, but still a duchess, so the bride’s outfit emphasized the particular modesty of her future title. ”

Alevtina Sholokhova (Wedding Agency “Caramel”)

“The underlined restrained and laconic image of Megan is designed for the fact that in 100 years such a dress will look like a wedding classic. Although, in my opinion, the stylists were a little too clever with the naturalness of the hairstyle, I wanted more composure and neat styling, which would add nobility to the image added gloss.

I really liked the design of the church, the natural garden style organically blended into the space and gave the wedding a real royal solemnity. “

Angelica Varteasyan (“Two Apellina” wedding agency)

“It is worth noting that royal weddings always set the trend for the upcoming season. First of all, it concerns the image of the bride.

Meghan’s example showed that a dress can be as simple as it is elegant.

This can help girls opt for outfits that lack a lot of detail. And those who doubted before will be able to make the right accent when purchasing.

I would like to note that while watching the broadcast, I was even more convinced: the world is changing, becoming more flexible and filled with real love. This is exactly what the wedding of Harry and Megan confirmed. “

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