Lebanese wedding of designer Elie Saab’s son: a fabulous ceremony with an oriental flavor

Lebanese wedding of designer Elie Saab’s son: a fabulous ceremony with an oriental flavor

It seems that almost every bride is familiar with the Elie Saab brand – these are luxurious dresses in an oriental way, strewn with beads, pearls and elaborate embroidery. But they are not as familiar with the founder of the brand as with his creations. Elie Saab is a Lebanese designer who launched his own brand at the age of 18 in Beirut. Now Elie Saab is a world famous brand of wedding and evening dresses, without which not a single red carpet can do. And Elie Saab himself is one of the most influential people in the world of fashion, especially oriental.

The designer married his son over the weekend. His eldest son Elie Saab Jr. (one can feel the adherence to Eastern traditions) married his beloved Christine Muran. The celebration was celebrated on a grand scale – it stretched for three days and covered several cities in Lebanon, including the groom’s family estate Faqra.

You certainly can’t wait to learn about the bride’s wedding dress. It is known that there were at least three of them and all, of course, were created by a team of craftsmen. Elie Saab Haute Couture. The first is a rather frank look – a white jumpsuit with a bold neckline, a cape and a gold belt, the second, the main one, is a luxurious bridesmaid dress with a fluffy skirt, lace bodice and an embroidered skirt. And the third, final one – no less solemn ivory-colored dress with a fluffy tulle skirt, open shoulders and all the same gold embroidery.

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On the final day of the wedding, the guests were treated to a multi-tiered cake, which was decorated with thousands of candles, and in the evening they arranged a grandiose fireworks.

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