Jennifer Lawrence’s fiance: everything you need to know about Cook Maruni

The main news of yesterday – Hollywood actress, Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence is engaged. We know a lot about the popular actress, but much less about her chosen one, Cook Maruni. Wedding once again congratulates the couple and fills in the gaps.

1. Cook Maruni is associated with contemporary art.

Cook Maruni is strongly associated with the art sphere, moreover, he is the director of the Gladstone Gallery in New York. For advice on painting, he is approached by: Lena Dunham’s father Carroll Dunham and renowned sculptor Anish Kapoor.

2. Cook Maroney is a native of New England.

The chosen one Jennifer Lawrence grew up in Vermont, where his parents have their own farm. His parents decided to move further north after they were tired of raising their son in the city.

3. Chris Maroney graduated from New York University.

Maruni moved to New York to study art history at New York University. After graduation, he worked at the acclaimed Gagosian Gallery.

4. The couple met through a mutual friend.

Jennifer Lawrence’s best friend Laura Simpson introduced her to Chris Maroney. For the first time information that the couple are dating, appeared in June last year, a few months before that Lawrence had parted ways with director Darren Aronofsky (the film “Mom!”). By the way, Jennifer played the main role in this film.

5. Chris Maroney maintains an Instagram page.

On his Instagram profile, 34-year-old Chris publishes joint photos with Jennifer or … does not publish. The fact is that his profile @cookmaroney is private. Therefore, we are unlikely to find out what exactly Chris Maroney shares with his subscribers.

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Photo: Instagram.

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