It’s just space: an idea for a photo shoot

It’s just space: an idea for a photo shoot

If standard romantic and wedding photo shoots are not enough for you and you are in search of your own unique scenario, we offer three ideas for cosmically beautiful photos. They can be embodied in the legendary Cosmos pavilion at VDNKh.

1. Make a wish under a flying star

And not simple, but the Kremlin one! In the pavilion “Cosmos” in the center of the dome at a height of 60 meters is an exact copy of the star that adorned the Trinity Tower of the Moscow Kremlin from 1935 to 1937. We recommend holding a photo session in the evening, when the pavilion looks like a real spaceship: the illumination turns on and the openwork glass dome looks especially impressive.

2. Love each other to the moon and back

The Cosmonautics and Aviation Center is the place where this recognition can be visualized. Here you will find a three-dimensional model of the only natural satellite of the Earth and make unforgettable shots with the Sea of ​​Clouds, the Bay of Love and the Lake of Happiness marked on it. By the way, these are not just beautiful words, but the real names of the lowlands on the surface of the moon.

3. Launch thoughts into space

Thoughts into space work only if you send them there on your own rocket at the Cosmonautics and Aviation Center. It has its own Mission Control Center, where you can design your spacecraft, build an orbit for it yourself and see how it would move along it. Very romantic, isn’t it?

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Photo: press materials.

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